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There was a ledge of rock of moderate height, like a wall, on one side, which he thought might be the very ridge whence he had overlooked the diggers.
The whole town was in a buzz with the story of the money diggers.
The only circumstance that throws anything like a vague light on this mysterious matter is a report which prevailed of a strange, foreign-built shallop, with much the look of a picaroon,[1] having been seen hovering about the Sound for several days without landing or reporting herself, though boats were seen going to and from her at night; and that she was seen standing out of the mouth of the harbor, in the gray of the dawn, after the catastrophe of the money diggers.
They learned a lesson, however, from their forlorn friends, the Root Diggers, which they subsequently found of great service in their wintry wanderings.
Captain Bonneville gives a cheerless account of a village of these Diggers, which he saw in crossing the plain below Powder River.
Sometimes the Diggers aspire to nobler game, and succeed in entrapping the antelope, the fleetest animal of the prairies.
The farther Captain Bonneville advanced into the country of these Root Diggers, the more evidence he perceived of their rude and forlorn condition.
With this simple instance of vanity, in its primitive but vigorous state, we shall close our remarks on the Root Diggers.
LEGO CREATOR POWER DIGGER IF RAIN really does stop play, this brilliant value LEGO digger, that fits in the palm of your hand, will keep kids amused for a wet afternoon as it transforms into three different vehicles.
Elcomsoft Password Digger decrypts and exports system and user keychains.
Then the bullied co-worker makes a dramatic appearance on a mechanical digger (a real one - I have no idea how they got that into the Weston Studio
This specification is to set forth the specific requirements for a 45 foot sheave height digger derrick, hydraulic operated, equipped with a steel line service body mounted on an appropriate chassis/cab.
DI Duffie added she believes the man in the digger would have suffered "significant injuries", but may not have gone to hospital to get treatment.
Geera, another grave digger working in Pak Mai graveyard said:
Digger FC started the game well controlling possession but it began to count for nothing as they failed to convert their possession into goals.