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After capture, the digestive tubes of each specimen were separated into 4 parts: stomach, upper intestine, middle intestine, and lower intestine.
Because this tube is literally full of bacteria and surgeons are extremely careful to create an aseptic environment for their work, it has been standard protocol to use antibiotics to rid as many organisms as possible from the "new" digestive tube.
The part of the digestive tube connecting the stomach to the colon.
The reason for this investigation will be to compare the genes between the embryonic digestive tube bacteria of Neolithic man with those of the present day modern man.
One problem that appears to be universal is that students are confused by the order of the organs of the digestive tube, let alone their functions.
On each side of the animal, the lumina of the digestive tubules coalesce into a large duct for each of the three lobes, which, in turn, join to form a single large duct that enters the digestive tube.