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any gland having ducts that pour secretions into the digestive tract

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Highest concentrations of lipophilic toxins measured by LC-MS/ MS and mouse bioassay in the foot muscle and digestive glands of abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) collected at the southwest coast of Korea between March 2009 and May 2010.
In addition, the levels of cadmium in the gills and digestive glands were determined.
The left digestive gland of Doridella steinbergae also continues to enlarge as embryonic development proceeds (Bickell & Chia 1979).
Culture of the digestive glands from broodstock oysters and bay scallops on solid agar media yielded 26 morphologically different colonies.
The most frequent tissue location was the connective tissue adjacent to the epithelium of the intestinal tract, followed by gills, gonads, mantle, digestive glands, and muscular foot tissue (Table 2).
001), with larger digestive glands observed in crabs experiencing a lower temperature during the molt period (treatments CL and SL).
Of the two statistical methods tested, the nearest neighbor technique performed better than the kernel method, and in the analysis of digestive glands and smooth adductor muscle, the locations of only 6 individual scallops were incorrectly assigned.
cestode was found in the connective tissue around the digestive gland, with a prevalence of 60% and 52.
In digestive glands, age had no impact on AAT activity, whereas in muscle, 2-y-old scallops had a lower AAT activity than 3 y olds (P = 0.
For each sample, two 5-[micro]m thick cross sections were made, one through the digestive gland and the other through the middle of the upper part of the foot.
Mytilids far exceeded oysters in the incidence of pathologies, including digestive gland and gonadal abnormalities and hemocytic infiltration.
The digestive glands were homogenized at 5% (w/v) in 50 mM Imidazole-HCl buffer at 4[degrees]C.
The alkaline digestive glands pancreas and liver are affected most by changes in the blood pH because they manufacture pancreatic juice and bile, which are generally highly alkaline solutions.
An unexpected and surprising result was the finding of coccidia in the gills of Ensis macha, because these Apicomplexan protozoa are usually located in nephridia or digestive glands in mollusks.
Medical studies have demonstrated that infant massage improves breathing and skin flexibility, as well as, aids bowel movement and secretion of digestive glands.