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Every experiment for the struvite crystallization reaction of anaerobic digestive fluid of swine manure was conducted by placing 1,000 mL of digestion fluid in a 2,000 mL Erlenmeyer flask at various temperatures, pH, and mixing speed.
Protcolitic activity in the digestive fluid of larvae of Trichoplusia ni.
Chief cells normally produce digestive fluids for the stomach.
Possible answer: All carnivorous plants must produce digestive fluids m break down the bodies of their prey.
If the grazer has not damaged the cyst mechanically or chemically by the action of acids and/or enzymes in the digestive fluids, being ingested (by the right animal) could be advantageous for cyst survival.
Bartges and his colleagues often see cats that have failed to successfully disgorge a hairball--a wad of undigested hair that has been moistened with bile and other digestive fluids after being ingested during grooming.
A 2000 study in Greece found that blueberry juice significantly improved visualization of both the common bile duct and main pancreatic duct, which carries digestive fluids.
It can take weeks for a snake's digestive fluids to break down something as large as a sheep.
There are also detailed notes on testing the likely effect of plastics monomers and additives in digestive fluids, assessing accumulation of trace elements in consumers and on peroxisome proliferation studies, among other procedures.
The sucking mouthparts inject more digestive fluids into the prey, and, when the body contents have been liquefied, they suck the slurry into their stomachs.
The lower stomach closes and heals permanently but continues to produce digestive fluids, secretions and enzymes.
According to the text, Bt proteins approved for use in food are expected to behave as dietary proteins in the digestive fluids, and should show no structural relation to known food allergens or protein toxins and no oral toxicity at high doses.
Later, researchers discovered that an imbalance between digestive fluids (hydrochloric acid and pepsin) and the stomach's ability to defend itself against these powerful substances resulted in ulcers.
These stents are indicated for use in the palliative treatment of malignant strictures in the biliary tree that can restrict the flow of digestive fluids and compromise digestion.
The juice and the soap both acted like digestive fluids and broke the starch down into individual sugars.