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any substance that promotes digestion

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I have never seen an instance of nutritious seeds passing through the intestines of a bird; but hard seeds of fruit will pass uninjured through even the digestive organs of a turkey.
Some have such a vast appetite for the former commodity, that is, the news, and such sound digestive organs, that they can sit forever in public avenues without stirring, and let it simmer and whisper through them like the Etesian winds, or as if inhaling ether, it only producing numbness and insensibility to pain -- otherwise it would often be painful to bear -- without affecting the consciousness.
He found the liver considerably enlarged, and the digestive powers weakened, while the course of mineral waters had been quite without effect.
But you must remember the definition of Cabanis: 'Man is a digestive tube.
The former comprehends broiled ham, sausages, veal cutlets, steaks, and such other viands of that nature as may be supposed, by a tolerably wide poetical construction, 'to fix' a chicken comfortably in the digestive organs of any lady or gentleman.
If Young John had ever slackened in his truth in the less penetrable days of his boyhood, when youth is prone to wear its boots unlaced and is happily unconscious of digestive organs, he had soon strung it up again and screwed it tight.
Notably, Lady Tippins has made a series of experiments on her digestive functions, so extremely complicated and daring, that if they could be published with their results it might benefit the human race.
But then it is open to some one else to follow great authorities, and call the mind a sheet of white paper or a mirror, in which case one's knowledge of the digestive process becomes quite irrelevant.
After a 4-wk recovery period, the digestive tubules of oysters from the anoxia treatment group had regenerated to the preexposure condition, with small lumens and tall columnar epithelial cells (Fig.
Washington, June 15 (ANI): Many Americans are aware of the relationship between fiber, probiotics and prebiotics and maintaining a healthy digestive system, yet few of them actually consume these types of foods and beverages to experience their health benefits.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important part of the body, which controls everything, is the digestive system.
A LARGE number of visits to the GP relate to a digestive complaint and the most common digestive symptoms are pain and bloating.
The McVitie's plain digestive was developed in 1839 by two Scots doctors to aid digestion.
But for a significant proportion of people with digestive problems, consuming yogurt may be exactly the wrong thing to do.
Digestive health is, and will be for some time, the largest part of the functional foods market.