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capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal

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5 MJ/kg digestible energy at 18[degrees]C and 22[degrees]C is 32.
Intake of dry matter, intake of digestible energy, and digestibility of dry matter, detergent fiber, crude protein, and gross energy were calculated.
We calculated digestible energy intake (DEI) by multiplying estimates of summer consumption of the principle forage (willow) by its dry matter digestibility (DMD) and gross energy (GE) estimates in the literature.
where NE = net energy (kcal/kg DM), ME = metabolizable energy (kcal/kg DM), EE = ether extract (g/kg DM), Starch (g/kg DM), CP = crude protein (g/kg DM), ADF = acid detergent fiber (g/kg DM), DE = digestible energy (kcal/kg DM), DCP = digestible CP (g/kg DM), DEE = digestible ether extract (g/kg DM), DRES = DOM - (DCP + DEE + starch + DADF); DRES = digestible residue (g/kg DM), DOM = digestible organic matter (g/kg DM), DADF = digestible ADF (g/kg DM), Starcham = enzymatically digestible starch (g/kg DM), Suge = enzymatically digestible sugar (g/kg DM), and FCH = [Starch.
Randy Shaver also presented his work on the use of amylase enzymes as a means to help improve fibre digestibility in the cow's ration and enhance starch digestibility so as to provide the cow with more digestible energy.
1]) 2327 Digestible energy Fosforo disponivel (%) 0,28 Available phosphorus Calcio disponivel (%) 0,11 Available calcium Ferro disponivel (mg [kg.
Intake of digestible dry matter and carbohydrates per metabolic weight in October was less than half that measured in July; digestible energy intake was 2.
A direct determination of available digestible energy was not possible because of the inability to collect sufficient feces to estimate fecal energy.
have announced a joint research collaboration to measure levels of digestible energy (DE) in corn grain for animal feed.
We hypothesized that the available energy content of wheat for finishing pigs will increase with an extension of storage time and that the digestible energy (DE) and ME content of different wheat varieties may be affected differently by changes in the duration of storage.
The pilot system will incorporate proprietary NIR (near infrared) technology from Pioneer which measures Digestible Energy (DE) of the grain for monogastric animals such as swine and poultry.
Digestible energy differed between diameter categories (P = 0.
Winter diets of most mainland caribou are dominated by lichens, which have high digestible energy and low nitrogen content, whereas in summer caribou select green forage in early phenology, which has high nitrogen, phosphorus, and digestible energy (Klein 1990).
There is also a lack of information on the effect of [beta]-mannanase supplementation on digestible energy (DE) and metabolizable energy (ME) contents of CE and PKE.
Most hunters and land managers tend to be obsessed with protein, but based on my research, digestible energy is even more important.