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capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal

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It was digestible energy, followed by available phosphorus.
Considering the discrepancies among published results and the importance of Thr for poultry production as well as the establishment of its ratio with lysine in digestible basis, this study was performed to determine the dig.
Keywords: Digestible amino acid; Broilers; Ileal digestibility; Growth performance
that TM Tenebrio molitor TM and Hi Hermetia iiiucens meais are valuable sources of AME and digestible AA.
They speculated that there might be a way to turn digestible starch into resistant starch.
Stover Ventures will address these needs by providing a new source of highly digestible fiber for inclusion in dairy or cattle rations.
In Venezuela, studies have been conducted to evaluate the carcass characteristics of pigs (14,15) without considering the effect of digestible lysine on that.
Several research reports have addressed the digestible isoleucine needs of broilers throughout the grow-out period of broilers (Burnham & Gous, 1992; Corzo, Dozier, Kidd & Hoehler, 2008) although minimum recommendations for low-cost formulation are varied.
LycoRed, Orange, NJ, is funding a new clinical trial series focused on skin care and the potential impact of digestible products on erythema (skin redness as a result of sun exposure) and general wellness.
In a study published June 26, 2013 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, obese or overweight men consumed two test meals, one containing rapidly digestible (high-glycemic index) carbohydrates and the other, slowly digestible (low-glycemic index) carbohydrates.
digestible OM - digestible CP - digestible EE - digestible starch - digestible sugar
The inscription Mild edition, easily digestible - Gentle acidity - Owes its mildness to our special LO3' protective process for the biological reduction of acidity' on the label of a bottle of wine is not in conformity with EU legislation, the EU Court of Justice has ruled.
Inspiration met innovation and the N-BONE[R] line of long-lasting, edible and digestible chew bones and treats were developed to meet consumer demands for safe, long-lasting chew bones and treats.
Velez said the Russian wheat which government was to begin receiving in September, changes the nature of food for poultry, is less digestible.
Starch can be classified as rapidly digestible starch (RDS), slowly digestible starch (SDS) and resistant starch (RS).