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capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal

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TIANA has the answer--TIANA Organic Coconut Flour provides an alternative to wheat that is high in health promoting fibre and low in digestible carbohydrate.
Giving too much phosphorus to wheat and barley plants increases the amount stored as phytate, rather than as more digestible forms of phosphorus.
Wang says that two leading chewing gum makers are eyeing biorubber as a digestible alternative to today's nonbiodegradable gums.
A cow would die of starvation if it weren't for the billions of microbes that live in its gut and feed on plant matter, turning it into digestible nutrients.
The more information that is out there, the more chance there is for those of us who parse it to sell it in digestible formats.
Hemp is digestible and breaks down easily if an animal swallows it," says Chamberlain, referring to the nylon threading found in many products which can cause intestinal blockages in pets.
Bullard provides a mostly readable translation that remains close to the original yet divides up long sentences into more digestible units, transliterates letters where necessary, and corrects minor errors.
Briefly; this report includes: Functional cereals and ancient grains, dietary fibers insoluble and soluble, resistant starches and slowly digestible starches, non digestible and slowly digestible oligosaccharides, chitosan and carbohydrates in food textures.
She says, oil left in the grain after extraction is less digestible than the oil taken out.
So P requirements should be based on true digestible P (TDP) rather than total P or available P in feeds.
That show's easily digestible family-values lesson plan is also greatly in play here, as well.
8 /PRNewswsire/ -- DNA Dreamfields Company, LLC is proud to release the scientific information that explains and proves the digestible carb impact of their breakthrough Dreamfields pasta brand.
As with other artists' work that engages issues of faith, Houshiary's is vulnerable to the kind of readings where the complex social and philosophical histories of specific religions are glossed in favor of easily digestible, generalized rhetoric around "the spiritual.
This beautiful and relatively inexpensive book contains competent essays in relatively short and digestible chunks.