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Results showed no significant differences in in vitro protein digestibility among the experimental feeds; however, apparent digestibility coefficients of protein varied, revealing significant differences among treatments.
This may explain the low CP, as well as the low digestibility coefficients observed during these two seasons.
ANOVA showed that specific growth rate, food consumption, and feed efficiency were significantly affected by salinity, temperature, and the interaction between salinity and temperature, whereas apparent digestibility coefficient was only affected by temperature.
Digestibility coefficients of crude protein, gross energy and starch at 21 days of age given diets based on cassava products with or without microbial enzymes Treatments Enzyme Crude Gross Starch protein energy Ingredient Maize (control) - 0.
The digestibility coefficient for DM, CP, CF, and GE (Table 4) found in the present experiment were generally in the ranges of 55.
In current study, we also detected the apparent ileal CP digestibility coefficient, N retention, IDE, AME and AMEn could be influenced by the interaction of maize sourcexenzyme.
In addition, DM, CP and GE apparent digestibility coefficients, as well as digestible protein (DP), digestible energy (DE) and metabolizable energy (ME) content values from M.
05) for most of the components and the reduction in the FDN digestibility coefficient with the addition of CaO to the sugar cane strongly suggest that the chemical treatment does not achieve its maximum efficiency in all situations.
However, the digestibility coefficients of the protein was low (Table 2).
Digestibility coefficients of dry matter, neutral-detergent fiber, cellulose, hemicellulose, and nitrogen by pigs fed diets containing maize cobs (MC) Nutrients Breed MC level NDF level and weight (g/kg) (g/kg) DM NDF ADF LW (45 kg) 75 0.
Table 4 shows that the apparent nutrient digestibility coefficients of all the nutrients measured were significantly (P<0.
The digestibility coefficients of dry matter, cellulose, and energy were higher in summer than fall; 69, 57.
The higher digestibility coefficients in lipid-supplemented animals can be attributed the fact that nonfatty acids lipids in the diet (likely approximately 1% of DM) are relatively indigestible, and diluting this fraction (waxes, etc.
2012), it is clear that, when phytase influences AA digestibility coefficients, it does not do so to the same extent for all AA.
The SFSM with the highest concentration of CP (source 9) had greater digestibility coefficients than the other SFSM for most AA (p < 0.