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the property of being easy to digest

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However, increasing the inclusion level of lipid can affect the values for the digestibility of acid-hydrolyzed ether extract (AEE), dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), and some amino acids in growing pigs (Jorgensen et al.
Researchers said, "Many authors have pointed out how there is a need for the evaluation of the nutrient digestibility of processed insects as a feed ingredient,'.
Or, you could harness coatings that control digestibility in targeted delivery systems that deliver bioactive components to specific locations within the GI tract.
Digestibility was quoted by our Chinese consumers as the key reason to further increase their consumption of yogurt.
In addition the team at York also showed they can identify the gene alterations that give rise to the high digestibility.
The results of in vitro digestibility are presented in table (4).
Therefore, the CVs need a classification for every trait as the lodging and broken plants, plant and ear height, ear diameter, days to silking and effective digestibility.
Digestibility is critical in evaluating food utilization by herbivores because it accounts for both passage time of food in the digestive tract and nutritional benefit from forage (Clauss et al.
Stein said these new sources of soybean meal might be the answer producers are looking for to keep costs down without sacrificing digestibility of important amino acids.
The present study is an attempt to study the in-vitro protein and starch digestibility of selected bean landraces of Uttarakhand, which will help in elucidating their nutraceutical potential, thus increasing their cultivation and marketability.
The chemical score obtained in this way is corrected for true fecal digestibility of the test protein.
the bypass (RUP), the digestibility and the amino acid content of the products," he said.
This ensures optimal efficiency with outstanding digestibility: 98% (Digestibility of Nitrogen: Apparent Faecal Digestibility of Nitrogen; experiment done on young pigs at SENAH [INRA Rennes, Breeding Systems, animal and human nutrition unit])--better than whole peas or pea flour and comparable with the best animal protein source.