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autoclave consisting of a vessel in which plant or animal materials are digested

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BioHitech America's solution will divert all of the store's coffee grounds and other food waste through their Eco-Safe Digester by converting the waste into grey water and safely transporting it through the standard sewer lines.
The learning curve for the new digester went really well and after 10 days we already reached nominal capacity, says Jose Alexandre de Morais Suzano s Industrial Director.
On the UC Davis campus, anaerobic digesters break down food waste and manure and generate biogas.
Although simple biogas digesters are buried in the ground, low temperatures may restrict biogas production in the winter in subtropical areas, especially in mountainous areas (Cu et al.
In agricultural areas anaerobic digesters are used for generating biogas using grass and vegetation such as tomato plant stems and other similar residues; the gas is burnt to provide electricity.
Today, Farm Power owns and operates a fleet of five anaerobic digesters in the Pacific Northwest (including a performing project in Lynden)--working with fifteen farms, producing up to 4.
Interest in anaerobic digesters for "preconsumer'' food waste has picked up, partly because the state Department of Environmental Protection is scheduled to ban organic waste from landfills and incinerators starting next summer.
With the new system, the manure would be pumped into the sealed digesters to produce methane gas, which would be captured and burned to produce electricity.
A spokesman for Cwm Harry said: "The pods would be small anaerobic digesters on farms, where it can be mixed with slurries and manure, which normally yield relatively low amounts of methane.
Continental-style AD plants are essentially crop digesters that struggle to accommodate waste," said Richard.
A recent example is where Rotamix tank mixing systems were retrofitted as replacements for submersible and paddle mixers on two digesters at a major waste to energy plant in Bedfordshire during 2010.
No doubt creating a way to do so is possible, as large systems called anaerobic digesters (or biogas digesters) are often used in landfills to wring energy out of trash, as well as on some big farms and ranches where large amounts of cow manure provide plenty of feedstock.
Now, he is trying to help families get biogas digesters to dispose of the food waste that has been rotting since the removal of the pigs.
The agreement between the USDA and Dairy Management Inc, a nonprofit group that promotes sales and demand for US dairy products, would quicken the roll-out of so-called anaerobic digesters (AD) that convert animal manure into electricity.