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autoclave consisting of a vessel in which plant or animal materials are digested

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The anaerobic digesters are enclosures where bacteria break down solid waste sludge.
A ministry report notes that 17,000 biogas digesters have been installed in the past five years under the Kenya Biogas Programme, done in partnership with the Dutch government.
Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) estimated that there were 157 commercial-scale digesters nationwide, of which 143 digester systems were farmer owned and operated, using only livestock manure for "fuel.
The total solids concentration decreased in all the digesters during all the retention time periods.
The mechanical condition of some equipment rated extremely critical, such as the Digester 3 gearbox in this case, is continuously monitored using online systems with the patented SPM HD shock pulse measurement technology from SPM Instrument.
Although simple biogas digesters are buried in the ground, low temperatures may restrict biogas production in the winter in subtropical areas, especially in mountainous areas (Cu et al.
Consumers Energy, the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy, is developing renewable energy supplies for the future with the help of a new programme in which it will buy electricity produced by anaerobic digesters.
Today, Farm Power owns and operates a fleet of five anaerobic digesters in the Pacific Northwest (including a performing project in Lynden)--working with fifteen farms, producing up to 4.
The agency provides grants for towns from the development through construction stages, and, according to Amy Barad, MassCEC's organics-to-energy program director, a number of communities are evaluating anaerobic digesters.
Electricity-producing digesters are increasingly popular with farms nationwide as a way to help deal with copious amounts of manure as well as make extra cash.
Starting at the city of Akron's sewage treatment plant in 2007, the company installed European-made anaerobic digesters in which microbes, working without oxygen in a slurry of waste and enzymes, generated a mixture of gases.
A NEW approach to smallscale anaerobic digesters could see groups of Welsh farmers in joint ventures with food waste producers to maximise their renewable energy production.
Continental-style AD plants are essentially crop digesters that struggle to accommodate waste," said Richard.
Crosby has built several digesters, although he's working on a new prototype for an upcoming book.