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autoclave consisting of a vessel in which plant or animal materials are digested

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Our on-site aerobic digester is odorless and compact enough to fit neatly in a small area.
The Purpose Of This Project Is To Design A Cost Effective Digester Gas Treatment System To Reduce The Preventative And Corrective Maintenance Of The Combined Heat And Power (chp) Engines And Boilers, While Increasing Reliability.
To facilitate the beneficial use of digester residuals, Stephen Kaffka, a UC ANR Cooperative Extension (UCCE) agronomist at UC Davis, and David Crohn, a UCCE specialist at UC Riverside, are organizing a new working group of more than a dozen UC ANR researchers and private-sector collaborators.
50% dry matter [DM]), accounting for about 70% of the digester volume, was fed into each digester on day 1 of the experimental period (10 July 2012), and then left for around 15 days to allow the microbial community to develop (Nguyen et al.
Anaerobic digesters are large tanks, broadly resembling gasometers.
The key seemed to be 'community digesters' where the dairy-business risk could be mitigated by a group of farms while the benefits of a large and efficient digester could be spread across the same group with tangible benefits.
4-million gallon anaerobic digester tank in Lewiston, Maine, generates enough electricity to offset 80 percent of the energy used at its wastewater treatment facility.
CleanWorld has achieved widespread success in anaerobic digester solutions, significantly reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, with scalable and affordable solutions," said Michelle Wong, Chief Executive Officer of CleanWorld Partners.
RES Ag Konyn would lease the site from the farm, build and operate the digester, and sell the energy to the Emerald People's Utility District, sharing the revenue with the farm owners, David Konyn said.
The school is currently experiencing a shortage of fuel because of the scarcity of wood therefore the digester will help the school to implement its feeding programe by creating an alternative energy supply as opposed to using wood.
Working with a group of experts from across the UK, including academics, regulators, private industry and other interested parties, Cwm Harry is looking at the potential for developing a Hub and Pod anaerobic digester.
Using the expertise of Richard's brother Jonathan, who runs JFT Engineering, they value-engineered the digester to get capital cost down to pounds 650,000.
Ballyrashane is set to become the first dairy in Northern Ireland to build an anaerobic digester.
Huntingdon based System Mix with their Vaughan Rotamix system, have become an established supplier of digester mixing systems, not only in municipal installations but also in the rapid growth area of Bio Waste Industry.