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autoclave consisting of a vessel in which plant or animal materials are digested

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He surveyed 72 farmers in the Tanga region and found that about half had heard of producing biogas from cow dung, but none were already using a digester.
We successfully modeled the response of screened yield to digester kappa based upon this work.
The Public Works Department has determined it is due in part to the anaerobic digesters being taken out of service during the expansion of the plant.
Rophus Kirigha of Wundanyi hoped to own a digester but it malfunctioned.
5 million anaerobic digester, which replaced a conventional wastewater treatment system, features a dome that captures biogas from food byproducts at the plant and converts it into energy through anaerobic digestion while also improving air quality.
We expanded the methane digester in 2010, and since then we have been producing more electricity than we can utilize on the farm, so the excess power gets utilized at our retail operation," says George Hurst, general manager, farm operations at Oregon Dairy.
Anaerobic digester technology is actually fairly basic: cattle manure is pumped into a tank (the Hoffs plan to use a concrete tank, although some digesters use steel tanks) where anaerobic bacteria break down components by feeding on the volatile fatty acids of the manure, creating methane gas.
The minimum concentration of N, P and K was observed in digester-1 (control) and maximum in the digester 4 (70% CD + 30% PW), which had the maximum amount of poultry waste which could be correlated to the fact that Poultry waste contains higher concentration of NPK(3.
The temperature in the digesters in winter is likely to be affected by a range of different factors, but primarily by air temperature, degree of heat exchange between the digester and the air, soil temperature, temperature of inflowing slurry (which is again influenced by air temperature), temperature of the washing water etc.
Older digester systems had developed a reputation for poor performance in prior decades and American banks and many dairymen were skeptical about their value and longevity despite the availability of improved technology.
McNeil, with consultant Benjamin Mosher, a principal at CDM Smith, presented selectmen with the results of a feasibility study for developing an anaerobic digester at the town's Providence Street DPW facility and former wastewater treatment plant, which pumps wastewater to a regional treatment site.
Rural Lane County may become home to a second large cow-manure digester that turns methane gas into electricity.
Now, four of the digester facilities are also equipped with additional technology to further clean, "dry" and concentrate the gas into pure bio-methane.
The school is currently experiencing a shortage of fuel because of the scarcity of wood therefore the digester will help the school to implement its feeding programe by creating an alternative energy supply as opposed to using wood.