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alternation of sexual and asexual generations

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The problematization of community, the rethinking of myths of origin, and a general poetics of loss are central to Glissant's theories of digenesis and relationality.
8% (atrofia subcortical, digenesis cerebral, hipotiroidismo, retraso de lenguaje, meningitis, sindrome geneticos, deficit de atencion e hiperactividad, dificultad para caminar).
Thus, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, in which the male organ appears to be a "mistake" of nature, will be a different case from mixed gonadal digenesis, where both types of internal and external organs may be present.
The variety of methods of prognostication complicates the process of revision (update) of prognoses of development of information and communication technologies which are characterized by high intensity of development in the last two decades and reduction of periods of digenesis technologies.
This is associated with renal agenesis, an absence of both external and internal genital organs (With differentiated gonads: the sex ratio is 3 boys: 1 girl), anal imperforation with absence of a rectum, digenesis of the sacrum to agenesis, sometimes associated with lumbar vertebral digenesis and a variable degree of atrophy and an inconstant fusion of the lower limbs.