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Synonyms for diffusor

baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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A 2,000 L tank equipped with an air diffusor was used to house the fish prior to the experiment.
The S-specific design elements include the grille and bumper, aluminum-look exterior mirror housings and special sill strips, the S3 roof spoiler, as well as the redesigned rear bumper and diffusor.
According to city officials, the LEDtronics LED bulbs were selected because of their high efficiency, appropriate 3000K color temperature, and because they fit inside the existing globe diffusor without significant modification.
Sometimes a phenomenon called rotating stall (or diffusor stall) further limits the operating range of the compressor.
Several researchers describe numerical studies of capillary electrokinetic pinched injection separation flows in microchannels, fuel flow through small orifices, a centrifugal pump with and without a vaned diffusor, and laminar flow in a helical pipe filled with a fluid saturated porous medium.
In any case, the use of hoses with a diffusor nozzle supplied by self-pumping cisterns, is the most common method of fighting fires.
Used in a diffusor, it inhibits the spread of contagious disease and discourages insects.
The line of two diffusers, Braun Diffusor Duo and Braun Diffusor Plus, allows women with curly styles to achieve volume and control without removing the hair's natural curl.