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Synonyms for diffusor

baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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The line of two diffusers, Braun Diffusor Duo and Braun Diffusor Plus, allows women with curly styles to achieve volume and control without removing the hair's natural curl.
The model has bigger air intakes, a rear diffusor, custom 18-inch 'Ixion' two-tone wheels, sport seats in black textile and perforated leather, inlays.
The firm also is addressing the curly-hair market with a diffusor line featuring the volume finger design.
Makrolon(R) Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet diffusors expand lens design freedom.
Two-component injection molding has been utilized for a number of applications in the healthcare, consumer goods and automotive industries; examples are shower heads, air diffusors, sensors, spatulas, shutter breaks and valves.