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spreading by diffusion

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Summing up the problems, we may draw the following conclusions: road safety management has unsystematic nature; unified system of public management for road safety needs to be created; diffusiveness of public management between several executive authorities and local government is obvious.
Variability is omnipresent in the process which dictates values diffusiveness of monitored quality sign.
These approaches highlight the diffusiveness of power, and each aims to bring into view types of knowledge that are often marginalized in policy research.
Furthermore, the Cochrane review estimated that screening increases the number of mastectomies by 20% and that in some cases mammography leads to unnecessary treatments because it identifies lesions that because of their slow growth or diffusiveness never would have become life threatening if left alone.
Whereas Plotinus attempts to explain the generation of the second hypostasis by a general proposition about the diffusiveness of the Good, Victorinus appeals to the specific nature of the Father's self-directed activity.
Notwithstanding the importance of this diffusiveness in many aspects of daily life, in contrast with the clear ideological differences between the movements, Levinthal's popularity is no less important.
Again invoking the laws of physics, they repeatedly urged that human affection is "weak in proportion to the distance or diffusiveness of the object.