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spreading by diffusion

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A diffusive approximation of the nonlocal in time fractional operators in Eq.
6, a) should be significantly lower than the wavelength of excited oscillation (frequency [lambda]) at the material of outside ring (for the reflection minimisation of diffusive waves).
The concentration gradients are sustained by the free energy change of the global reaction in progress; so the charges are subjected to a diffusive driving force [F.
MAINARDI, Fractional diffusive waves in viscoelastic solids, in Nonlinear Waves in Solids, J.
The contaminants are directly bound to the membrane by positively charged ligands, thus forgoing the diffusive migration into resin beads.
The new Makrolon[R] RW2405 and Makrolon[R] RW6265X polycarbonate grades offer high diffusive reflectivity, excellent surface quality and molded-in color to eliminate costly secondary operations such as plating, painting and coating.
Because the good is diffusive of self, and persons are the most perfect beings found in nature, then, as persons, our higher-order desires are outgoing, or directed toward the good of others, rather than consumptive.
A diffusive ceiling air inlet was installed and air enters the room from the ceiling (Figure 1b) and four circle exhausts are located on the lower part of a side wall (Figure 1c).
Shivaji: Diffusive logistic equation with constant yield harvesting, I: steady states, Trans.
Two primary candidates for this acceleration have been "inward radial diffusive transport" and "local stochastic acceleration" by very low-frequency plasma waves.
To conceive contact as ambivalent is to articulate the relationship between self and other as diffusive rather than osmotic.
In 2012 we saw robust consumer demand for increasingly sophisticated, longer lasting and highly diffusive fragrances in nearly every category from household cleaners to laundry to air care.
While many secular institutions of higher education have diffusive mission statements, many faith-based institutions couch their institutional goals concretely within the tenets of their faith.
The model was solved to get the degree of saturation and normal diffusive flux at different instants with time.
Divided into two sections covering application of information and computing, and applied mathematics and modeling, the work features papers addressing such topics as computational intelligence performance in cloud computing applications, GIS based on network analysis models, computable analysis of boundary-value problems, and global periodic solutions to predator-prey diffusive system problems.