diffusion pump

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vacuum pump used to obtain a high vacuum

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In addition, a large vacuum pumping system along with a 35" high vacuum diffusion pump will allow for operation to 10-5Torr," he explained.
Tenders are invited for 6 Inch Oil Diffusion Pump for High Vacuum Applications as per the specifications given in Annexure.
Tenders are invited for Inspection, supply, installation/commissioning and warranty of diffusion pump assembly as per specifications attached.
A 20 Varian diffusion pump allows for high vacuum performance of 1 x 10-5 Torr.
Tenders are invited for Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Installation And Commissioning, Warranty And Guarantee Of Vacuum System Comprising Of One Diffusion Pump, 2 Nos Of Rotary Vane Pumps, Valves, Gauges, Read Outs, Control Panel As Per Purchasers Specification Required At Barc, Trombay, Mumbai- 85
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