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spreading by diffusion

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At one end was an open hearth upon which logs were burning brightly, while a single lamp aided in diffusing a soft glow about the austere chamber.
SOME editors of newspapers were engaged in diffusing general intelligence and elevating the moral sentiment of the public.
He continued friends with fallen ministers and made himself their intermediary with their successors, diffusing thus the perfume of the last flattery and the first compliment.
And here's thanking of 'em for all their goodness as is so constancy a diffusing of itself over everywhere, and wishing they may live long and die happy
There, Margaret, the sun is forever visible, its broad disk just skirting the horizon and diffusing a perpetual splendour.
Gashford walked stealthily about, listening to all he heard, and diffusing or confirming, whenever he had an opportunity, such false intelligence as suited his own purpose; and, busily occupied in this way, turned into Holborn for the twentieth time, when a great many women and children came flying along the street--often panting and looking back--and the confused murmur of numerous voices struck upon his ear.
the blessings which the orphan child called down upon them, sunk into their souls, diffusing peace and happiness.
NOWSHERA, June 26, 2009 (Frontier Star) --Police foiled the bid of terrorism by diffusing 10 kg bomb.
The "magic" behind MagiX is Avon's patent-pending Optix Light Diffusing Technology, an exclusive complex that works to counteract shine and visibly smooth the look of fine lines and pores by diffusing light.
Incorporated within the timber louvres are troughs for planting that will gradually become established on the north (sunny) side, screening and diffusing the sun's glare.
Diffusing essential oils can increase oxygen levels to the brain, thereby improving mental clarity, relieving headaches, and even helping to balance hormone levels.
Knowledge of such predators' habits can serve as a crucial factor in diffusing possible defenses.