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transport of a substance across a cell membrane by diffusion

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The relationship between diffusible hydrogen content and embrittlement behavior was measured using the stressed ring test as set forth in SEP 1970 of VDEh11.
Coreweld C6 LF's low diffusible hydrogen level helps avoid hydrogen-induced cold cracking in the welding of high strength steel.
In: eFirst International Conference on Wood protection Diffusible PreservativesE, Proceedings 47355.
fastidiosa secretes a specific 14-carbon fatty acid and possibly other similar molecules as diffusible signal factors (XfDSF).
Lipid peroxidation is the measurement of damage to cellular constituents induced by diffusible peroxides.
The team, led by Professor Greg Cook, found that in such conditions the bacterium is able to quickly switch its cellular metabolism from a primarily oxygen-based one over to one that uses fermentation for energy production instead and this metabolic mode depends on the production and recycling of molecular hydrogen, a high-energy fuel and diffusible gas.
Based on the observation that the lactones are diffusible on solid media, and that the lactonase activity is inversely proportional to the color intensity, a light blue pigment of the biosensor was observed to 3-O-C6-HSL and 3-O-C12-HSL when they were tested with the biosensor strain NTL4.
The fungal isolates culture filtrates showed moderate to weak capability to produce non-volatile or diffusible metabolites against the aflatoxigenic A.
The long quest for the suggested long-range diffusible signals has not been as fruitful as originally expected," says Enrique Salas Vidal of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Cuernavaca.
Dengue has become a renowned infectious and diffusible disease in the Indian sub continent including the countries such as Pakistan India Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Calcium circulates in the ECF in three distinct fractions: about 50% is the biologically important ionized fraction, 40% is protein-bound and is not filterable by the kidney, and 10% is complexed to small diffusible inorganic and organic anions such as bicarbonate, citrate, lactate, phosphate, and sulphate.
Ocular neovascularization and increased vascular permeability have been associated with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), a diffusible cytokine that plays a key role in the process of normal and pathologic angiogenesis1.
Thought to be either a "water nymph" or "the queen of the elves of the air" or "An angel of the liquid fire in the earth's center" (Calvino 19), she is presented as a diffusible entity that can dissolve into the physical world of water, air and fire in a scenario where her permeability suggests the breaking down of the emblematic palisade between the "human" and the external world.
Comparison of inhibition halos sizes of different extracts may not be used to determine relative antimicrobial potencies, since a more diffusible but less active extract could give a larger diameter than a non-diffusible but more active extract (LUND et al.