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baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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Swirling flows through annular diffusers have been investigated by Sovran and Klomp [3], Shrinath [4] Hoadley [7], Colodipietro et al.
The increase in the gas-dynamic stability margin of compressors in the process of the vaned diffusers flow active control is the result of higher stability of the low at the boundary layer.
Hazard: The label on the diffusers violates the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) by omitting the presence of petroleum distillates.
Each Flow Science reed features micro-engineering enabling it to contain specially-formulated diffuser oil in its reservoir core.
If they want to make a point on something, like this diffuser business .
With respect to sound level, SMACNA suggests placing the diffusers as far as possible from duct elbows and branch take-offs to minimize sound transmission.
makers of Oshadhi aromatherapy oils and diffusers and other lines of aromatherapy products, is offering retailers and consumers a broad array of choices for diffusing essential oils.
PEI added that the robust cast, stainless steel, Schedule 80 design of the diffusers offered further advantages: easy and quick installation and removal; groove for Victaulic-type connection, weld preparation, or welded connection between diffusers; suitability for a wide pipe diameter range, from 1 inch to 12 inches The diffusers are offered in stainless steel grades 316, Duplex 2205, and Super Duplex 2507 and are available for all PEI hydraulic turbochargers and high-pressure feed pumps, as well as being applicable to any centrifugal equipment where the above benefits are desired.
Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Renault and Red Bull have all lodged appeals to the governing body against the stewards' decision in Australia and Malaysia to allow Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams to race with the controversial new rear diffusers.
If the diffusers are legal, the Brawns are going to be nearly unreachable for any other team.
The most likely outcome of the FIA Appeal Court hearing on April 14 seems to be that the diffusers will be declared legal, in which case the others will have to adapt their designs.
Skypanels are custom-designed, decorative translucent panels that fit into standard fluorescent ceiling fixtures and replace brittle, plastic shock diffusers found in most commercial offices, hospitals, etc.
Brawn, along with Toyota and Williams, upset their rivals when FIA stewards cleared contentious rear diffusers on their cars.
Exhaust diffusers are critical components of gas turbines in both the propulsion and power system applications.