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baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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Customers can also add a burst of fragrance to their homes with their wide selection of flameless fragrance including aroma diffusers, fragrance lamps, reed diffusers, fragrance spheres, fragrance oils, Yankee scenterpiece, auto fresheners, electric plug ins, room sprays and more.
Editor Casey Marshall enjoys the Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser offered by Mountain Rose Herbs.
A typical jet pump mainly comprises of a primary (boost) port, a nozzle, a mixing chamber, a suction (secondary) port, a throat and a diffuser.
The Standard requires the air should be supplied through non-aspirating laminar flow diffusers and the discharge velocity should be maintained between 24 to 35 fpm (0.
Fragrance diffusers experienced a 36% increase in dollar sales and a 27% rise in unit sales.
A total of four cases analyzed for various locations of supply and return diffusers are described below and in Figure 1.
Aromatherapy diffusers speak to those who are looking to control their stress levels and/or who see their spiritual well-being as important to their overall health.
However there are many solutions for the integration of displacement diffusers into a modem building, including in-wall diffusers with shock-proof stainless steel front faces, hidden wall lining diffusers behind wall claddings and diffusers around steel columns.
Other cases show different air distribution depending on changing diffuser angels, diffusers type, and location.
The design team worked on several prototypes of parchment diffusers that would allow the fixture to evenly illuminate the printed art, as well as properly illuminate the retail space.
Others enclose a pad dabbed with essential oils; when plugged into an outlet, these diffusers release a constant fragrance.
Flow through annular diffusers is characterized by a rapid growth of the boundary layer, leading to various degrees of irregularity in the flow pattern, non-uniformity of the velocity profile, total pressure loss, instability and recirculation if the flow separates.
de]], for some types of compressors with single-row vaned diffusers allowed revealing the most significant feature of double-row bladed disks-their non-separated flow in deep deceleration modes (n, [n.
Alpha Aromatics is set to revolutionize reed diffusers with a ground-breaking method for diffusing fragrances into ambient air.
Teams unveiling their 2010 cars have been coy about their rear diffusers, sparking fears that a fresh row could erupt when the season starts on March 14 in Bahrain.