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Synonyms for diffuser

baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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To operate the diffuser, simply lift off the cover and place one of the included absorbent pads inside.
The diffuser also features light-emitting diodes that change colors.
The young woman, whose face has been permanently damaged, told social media users she was sitting at home with a "popular" electric diffuser and suffered chemical burns from the device which was spreading aromas of patchouli oil among others around her house.
Key design variables considered were the diffuser inlet and outlet radii, diffuser and nozzle length, and the nozzle inlet and outlet radii.
They recommended the use of air curtains surrounding the laminar diffuser array in order to reduce this entrainment.
The two linear diffusers placed on the drop ceiling are facing the window and designed to supply 70 cfm (33 L/s) each directly towards the window whereas the linear diffuser over the patient is designed to supply 87 cfm (41 L/s).
Diffuser act to adjust the flow passing through the rotor zone to the outlet condition.
1 shows a free-standing rectangular diffuser 4 x 1m, 2m high with a display panel and zone indicator.
As an input to the full-scale 3-D room model, a 2-D air supply diffuser model that supplies direction and magnitude of air flow into the room is developed.
LOVE ROBYN xx SAVE DIFFUSER Voluspa champagne rose diffuser, John Lewis, PS30 HAND & LOTION SET Baylis & Harding French lavender gift set, Debenhams, PS10 CHEESEBOARDS Fromage cheese boards by Posh Totty Designs Interiors, www.
STRESS Remedy Plug-in Diffuser contains a natural blend of Valerian and other calming essential oils (Vetivert, Basil Sweet and Sage), which are steadily released into the air when the device is plugged in.
Pas de reaction a cet article Le juge d'instruction du 1er Bureau au tribunal de 1ere instance de Tunis a decide d'interdire a la radio Mosaique FM de diffuser l'interview que lui avait accordee le chef Salafiste Abou Iyadh .
Beautybay and Lifestyle have introduced the Iris aroma diffuser with modern ultrasonic technology, tap water, aromatherapy and light therapy to create the perfect ambience that will calm the body, mind and soul.
The Audi A6 S line provides an S line exterior styling package and a choice of either 18 or 19-inch wheels, S-design front and rear bumpers, side ventilation grilles, a rear diffuser insert in a sporty design, a centre front spoiler lip and diffuser insert in platinum grey, door sill trims with the S line logo and an S line logo on the front wings.