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Synonyms for diffuser

baffle that distributes sound waves evenly


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optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly

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It's not just about adding the diffuser and suddenly the car is a second quicker.
The diffuser imparts three quite separate diffusion regions.
sells its large reed diffuser kits for about $80, which may not seem as if it's a bargain, but at the higher end of the market, the products can retail for well more than $100.
The WhisperFlo diffuser incorporates the same aerodynamic noise abatement technology as Fisher's widely applied WhisperFlo Trim for control valves.
Put a few drops of scented oil in the diffuser pad at the center of the grille and you'll add a pleasant aroma to the room, too.
The combination of the new x-ray unit and the remote part loading mechanism has helped PCC cut exposure times in half compared with the time previously needed for the thicker areas on diffuser cases.
PHOTO : A tubular diffuser (left), now standard on Novatec modular hoppers, provides uniform air flow with no detectable hot or cold spots in the resin.
NYSE: AYI; "Company"), a market leader in innovative energy-efficient lighting and control solutions, has enhanced its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of an expanded line of diffuser lens options for the Lithonia Lighting[R] TLED luminaire.
To specify a grade of Makrolon[R] polycarbonate sheet, the TracePro user selects the correct Makrolon[R] polycarbonate sheet surface property from the TracePro Bayer diffuser catalog, then applies the property to the diffuser CAD model in the TracePro model.
85@ Moroccanoil Use the diffuser attachment of your hairdryer to add bounce and definition to curls without creating frizz.
THE present paper work is concerned with the air flow patterns in an air conditioned living room due to changing the supply diffuser angles.
The diffuser includes a green or blue glass vase and evaporating diffuser sticks.
The model features a front lip spoiler, which is also compatible with the drop top and fastback versions, a new diffuser, which can be installed on the fastback, a four-pipe Eisenmann stainless steel exhaust system and KW coil-over spring kit.
The car is now also available in white and there's a new Red Design Pack that includes a red stripe on the front diffuser, side mouldings and rear diffuser.
Rather than wicking diffuser oil from a container, the reeds actually hold the diffuser oil within themselves without any free liquid to spill--even when tilted 180[degrees], according to Alpha Aromatics.