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words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

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the spatial property of being spread out over a wide area or through a large volume

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The presentation of the book obviously attempts to simulate the experience of having been present at the conference, but, given the fact that certain essays have clearly been considerably revised while others remain unrevised and conference-brief, the overall effect is one of scattershot diffuseness.
Digital photography, a tool for lighting research: high-resolution sampling of spherical luminance maps with digital photographic technologies applied to diffuseness descriptors.
bar]hiz, and it is one that many of his earlier readers within the tradition draw attention to, is the diffuseness of his discussions of a given topic.
Recommendations to deal with the diffuseness of quality standard approaches include the introduction of monitoring and feedback mechanisms, criteria for the establishment of performance targets, and the involvement of users in the design, implementation and evaluation of quality assurance systems (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], 2004).
Far more troubling than this diffuseness, however, was the insinuation imparted by the cartoonish witticism of a number of figural one-liners in the exhibition, that invoking the problem of global warming may be, for some, largely a convenient means of injecting contemporaneity into their work.
This diffuseness is both a strength and a challenge, and throws up particular problems to which we shall return below.
True, there is a measure of clarifying convergence at the novel's conclusion, but the overall journey has a diffuseness that contrasts with the focused forward thrust of Snow Mountain Passage.
Klinglesmith III (Socorro, NM) showed slight diffuseness and a tail about 20" long in p.
The diffuseness of global warming's causes (a hundred coal plants here, a million automobiles there) is testing our strategies for protecting wildlife and ecosystems.
According to the diffuseness of the staining, sections were graded as 0 for no staining, 1 for staining <25%, 2 for staining between 25% and 50%, 3 for staining between 50% and 75%, or 4 for staining >75%.
On the other hand, there is a diffuseness to his style that makes it hard to determine, oftentimes, why certain topics have been included, or where the argument is going.
In this context Swinburne's famed diffuseness can be seen as an integral part of his profoundly original erotic vision.
Through textual analysis of Employer of Choice and best practice reports, Burgess et al indicate both the diffusion and the conceptual diffuseness of the MD approach, and its departure from any basis for claiming rights.
One cause is the diffuseness of the literature itself, but another is the difficulty of generalizing from case-based research, and the commensurate lack of citation and difficulty in establishing first principles.
Diffuseness is not always a bad thing, of course, since it may allow new and different narratives to emerge, but in this case none did.