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Academic achievement, psychological functioning, and psychosocial maturity have been found to be higher among youth with an information-seeking identity style, followed by youth with a normative identity style and then diffuse identity style (Berzonsky & Kuk, 2005; Good, Grand, Newby-Clark, & Adams, 2008; Hejazi, Shahraray, Farsinejad, & Asgary, 2009; Razmjoo & Neissi, 2010).
I'm quite impressed that they've improved their [ecosystem] model to include the effect of diffuse radiation," says Dennis Baldocchi of the University of California, Berkeley.
In conclusion, BAC should be in the differential diagnosis of diffuse well defined scattered nodules in the lungs.
In addition to the diffuse large B-cell lymphoma study, SGN-40 is in phase I clinical trials for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
After adjustment among participants younger than 80 years, diffuse lesions, as compared with no lesions, were associated with an almost three-fold increase in the risk of hip fracture.
The research described here is based on the assumption that only specular and/or isotropically diffuse components of solar radiation result from the interaction of insolation with any item in a glazing/shading layer array.
Looking at these areas--both individually and in conjunction with one another--helps to assess offenders' levels of deviance, diffuse any possible justifications for their actions (e.
The intestinal type is highly associated with Helicobacter pylori (HP) while the diffuse type is more common in younger patients, and those with blood group type A.
The good thing about CFCs is that they dissolve better and diffuse out more slowly.
A post mortem examination showed cause of death to be bronchial pneumonia with a contributory factor being diffuse pleural fibrosis due to exposure to asbestos.
E 2302, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Luminance Coefficient Under Diffuse Illumination of Pavement Marking Materials with CEN-Prescribed Geometry Using a Portable Reflectometer, is used to evaluate horizontal road stripes, symbols, and pavement surfaces.
NEW ORLEANS -- Women with diffuse scleroderma, including those with a previous renal crisis, should delay pregnancy until their disease has stabilized, Dr.
Deviations of atoms from an average crystal structure caused by structural distortions, chemical ordering, or the presence of defects cause diffuse intensity in scattering experiments.
The principal result of our survey is that iron depletions in the observed clouds are similar to the depletions found in previous studies of diffuse interstellar clouds.