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Van Veen said, showing a visitor a selection of the components, of different sizes, each grooved imperceptibly with precise lines that diffract light.
A low-energy x-ray beam diffracts off of the sample.
The beamline for the UCN station begins with the double-crystal monochromator that diffracts a monochromatic neutron beam centered at 0.
Our sensor diffracts light in a narrow wavelength band (color) in the visible spectrum; the diffracted band shifts as the glucose concentration changes.
His lab has developed a chip device that diffracts light in the presence of certain antibodies.
The microstructure of the insect's wings not only shuns water but also scatters and diffracts light to create an iridescent color.
Physically, a quasiperiodic object diffracts to give a pattern with sharp Bragg spots.
When used as a spatial light modulator in computer-to-plate (CTP) products, the device diffracts high power laser beams to provide a high-speed, ultra-precise method of transferring digital images directly onto a printing plate.
The double mutant retains full enzymatic activity and crystallizes in three new forms, one of which (triclinic) diffracts to 1.
Because light bends, or diffracts, around the edges of objects, ordinary optical microscopes can discern features no closer than a half-wavelength apart, a distance of 200 nanometers (nm) or so.