diffraction grating

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optical device consisting of a surface with many parallel grooves in it


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The low stray light and high diffraction efficiency of Shimadzu Corporation diffraction gratings finds a wide range of applications including analytical instruments used for research in the life sciences, chemistry, and environment, synchrotron radiation, as well as optical communications.
Unlike the slits in a diffraction grating, however, the silicon bars were extremely efficient and readily reflected the frequency of light they were tuned to.
Overall it appears that diffraction gratings can potentially be used to identify food contact packaging effectively and economically; however, they are not yet ready for use commercially until a full industry-wide solution has been developed and commercialised," added Morrish.
Headwall makes diffraction gratings that are grooved to customers' precise specifications.
The efficiency of the diffraction gratings prepared using this method was studied in terms of the topological structure of the produced microarrays.
Diffraction gratings were inscribed in films of polymers containing the following weight content of 4-methyl-phenyl-azo group per the structural unit: poly-1, 15.
He says, "Products using labels decorated with diffraction gratings will generate strong visual interest on retail shelves versus non-decorated labels.
The use of diffraction gratings instead of commonly used thin-film filters makes the Confluent DWDM products rugged, insensitive to temperature and pressure variations, and enables passive optics to be installed outside.
Spectra-Physics' products include lasers, diffraction gratings, light sources and interference filters.
Multi-level diffraction gratings (10) may be achieved within this scheme as well.
Following years of study, Brian wrote a comprehensive account in the Journal in 1982 April about diffraction gratings and provided encouragement to many other people engaged in building their own spectrohelioscopes.
Grown manufactures standard hot stamping products, golds, silvers, metallic colors, pigments, special effects (multi-colored print patterns), as well as holographic images and diffraction gratings.
Novel Fabrication Tolerant Flat-Top Demultiplexers Based on Etched Diffraction Gratings in SOI.
Other topics include slot and hollow waveguides, directional couplers, ring resonators, silicon modulators, diffraction gratings, silicon-on-insulator waveguides, Bragg gratings, and multi-quantum-well solar cells.