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This integral can calculate the diffracted field u([P.
A grating is inscribed into the waveguide, which diffracts the light into wavelength-specific angles: different wavelengths are diffracted to a different extent, so they end up spatially separated.
It can modulate the intensity of the diffracted light when an actuation voltage is applied to half of the beams.
What you get is the moon, a dark circle round it, then a sky lit up with diffracted moonlight.
For the development of the Matlab simulation program, the receiver is considered shadowed by the buildings along the street, and there are three waves that were taken into account: a direct, diffracted ray, a diffracted ray and further reflected by the ground and a ray diffracted and then reflected by the walls of the building opposite to the diffraction building (Fig.
When polycrystalline materials are irradiated with neutrons, a strong diffracted effect occurs at specific angles governed by the Bragg law (Figure 2).
1 must be large enough to prevent the leakage of light around its edges, Helmholtz imagined it to be an infinitely large, closed surface which does not contain the primary source, and then invoked Green's formula to express the diffracted field U(P) as a surface integral of the form prescribed by Fresnel's first assumption.
More often its rays only reach us dimly, diffracted through the prism of paraphrase or polemic.
Diffracted power and atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements were taken to compare the mold, an optical grating element itself, with he molded replicas.
In this paper, a method to attenuate diffracted multiples with an apex-shifted tangent-squared Radon transform in angle domain common image gathers (ADCIG) is proposed.
Light reflected from the grating is diffracted, interference arises at a certain angle, and so a specific wavelength appears with constitutive interference at a specific angle of reflection.
The diffracted electrons impinge upon a phosphor screen.
BLOCKING THE AIRWAVES Radio signals are electromagnetic waves that travel freely through air but that can get absorbed, reflected, refracted, and diffracted by various materials.
horses, hailstorms and diffracted confusions of light.