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a protozoan with an ovoid shell of cemented sand grains

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The most frequent taxa found in the three waterfalls of this study were Arcella atava, Arcella discoides, Arcella hemisphaerica, Centropyxis aculeata, Centropyxis aerophila, Centropyxis minuta, Centropyxis constricta, Centropyxis ecornis, Cyclopyxis arcelloides, Cyclopyxis minuta, Cyclopyxis arcelloides e Difflugia oblonga.
plana (Decloitre, 1977) flattened Difflugiidae Curcubitella dentata (Penard, 1893) spherical Difflugia acuminata elongated (Ehrenberg, 1838) D.
0,02 0,09 Moina micrura 1,70 8,23 neonata (neonate) 1,97 9,55 Copepoda * Argyrodiaptomus furcatus 7,69 37,82 * Thermocyclops decipiens 0,67 3,31 Copepoditos (copepodid) 3,62 17,78 Náuplios (naupplii) 8,36 41,09 Protozoa Difflugia sp.