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Synonyms for diffident

Synonyms for diffident

not forward but reticent or reserved in manner

Synonyms for diffident

showing modest reserve

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lacking self-confidence


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It is a small detail, but this subtle adjustment exhibits a growing confidence in the status of children's literature: it was no longer necessary diffidently to apologize for publishing a children's book.
At an AA-like support group meeting of Mexican peasants, Juan, brought and introduced by 'Seven', a former thief who did some work for him, diffidently admits to an Internet porn addiction.
As for Palestinians themselves, there was very little discussion of Hamas, and only a little dissention, diffidently expressed, when speakers disparaged the Palestinian Authority and the leaderships of Fatah and the PLO in the light of the 'Palestine Papers' revelations.
If the writer of the article did a bit more effort on the research side, she would have diffidently noted that our CEO and Deputy CEO have acknowledged on several occasions that the regional unrest was a major factor in diverting more tourists to Dubai and the UAE, however, they also stated that Dubai was always a main destination during this period of the year, Tourism industry stats and figures show Dubai as one of the leading options for tourists/transit visitors between November and March.
While Head pleads for her future, Goldikova appears nonplussed as she grazes diffidently around him.
It is therefore to his indulgence that I commend myself most diffidently.
Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Benja sidle up to the crowd and hesitate diffidently on the edge.
Notwithstanding his role as co-chair of the Task Force on General Education at Harvard--following a multi-year review, the task force, to whose members he dedicates his book, recently revamped Harvard's undergraduate core curriculum to great fanfare but with little more than cosmetic changes--he shuns the role of a "prescriptivist" in his book and only touches briefly and diffidently on "what higher education might be like if academics thought of their business differently.
At the door she paused and asked diffidently, 'I don't suppose you remember our Ian, Miss?
It seems to me we must leave this question to further experience," Hoover said diffidently (1924i).
they didn't heed their own warnings and acquiesced in McNamara's incrementalist policy, in the hope of eventually getting the huge force they diffidently advised would be needed to win".
Georges Perec once characterized autobiography as a game of hide-and-seek, and indeed the 'T' in these texts speaks sometimes boldly and overtly, sometimes diffidently and more obliquely.
Guy Johnston, the young soloist in Shostakovich's first cello concerto, began slightly diffidently but grew in confidence and presence in this most demanding of concertos where he has to play almost non-stop.
Although she refers to them diffidently as her "diatribes", nevertheless "others found in them the stuff of revolution: the focusing of a real discontent, and with that focusing the capacity for alteration" (p.