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Now, thanks to the benefits of multi-agent models, a new paradigm can be built to clear away the difficultness created by the crisis (Costea & Tampu, 2012).
Penetrating through the soil horizon petrochemicals can reach underground water table that makes difficultness of their control, removal and consequently, remediation.
Fixation was accomplished using standard instrumentation and narrow and broad dynamic compression plate (DCP) implants instead of locking plate only because of cost effectiveness keeping in mind the difficultness to introduce the DCP beyond fracture site particularly in femoral fractures.
The last part was the creation of two designs of new production system layout, which were subsequently examined from the point of workability difficultness and costs on the modifications of existing system.
As stated by several authors, tetrachoric correlation is better at this case because it does not depend on the table margins or the pattern of difficultness of the items (see for example Kubinger, 2003).
During Experiment 2 we attempted to further investigate the relative ease and difficultness of equivalence class formation using stimuli that were either (a) novel and neutral, (b) presumably extraexperimentally nonequivlant (i.