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If Amazon ultimately decides to begin selling prescription medications, the company will encounter much more difficultly in becoming a major player than it has in many other product categories.
These include relaxed trafficking punishments and the growing difficultly authorities face when apprehending the traffickers (one law stipulates that shipping containers cannot be opened without the presence of the importer, a loophole traffickers have been quick to exploit).
Since my appointment as the Welsh Conservative spokesperson for health I have met with a large number of representatives from the Welsh health sector, and one of the concerns that is repeatedly raised is the difficultly facing the future workforce.
Al-Enizi said that several bakeries were chosen based on proximity to the dwellings of the refugees to eliminate the difficultly of transporting food.
5 bitcoins per block - a method of increasing the difficultly of mining bitcoins over time.
The difficultly for old cases is normally finding the paperwork, as banks needn't keep it more than six years, but you've got it, so all good.
Without clocks set to the same, precise time, employees had difficultly gauging when they should leave the floor to travel to other areas, take a break or attend a meeting.
That's the difficultly for me now because there will always be two or three who are disappointed at the end of the week and as players come back from injury and the numbers grow the potential for discontent is always there.
Investors are reluctant to place their companies in the Egyptian stock market due to the difficultly of exit.
Adults with severe obesity often have difficultly following national guidelines to participate in at least 30 minutes per day of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity for health benefits," says epidemiologist and lead author Wendy C.
We've reached high standards but it's keeping the consistency levels and that's the difficultly you always have in dealing with part-time players.
While much has been made of the difficultly of playing frontiersman Hugh Glass in Alejandro G.
Given that Mrs Mac Veale is the highest rated of her four opponents with a mark of 129, Vroum Vroum Mag should have little difficultly in continuing her winning spree as she has a chase mark of 155 and Mullins reports her in good shape.
Fire fighters who were dispatched to the scene by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality experienced difficultly in extinguishing the fire.
But the jury saw footage which allegedly showed the 54-year-old pushing a golf trolley around an 18-hole course without any difficultly and hitting a "400-yard drive up the fairway".