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giving birth to a calf

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First-parity cows were more likely to have a difficult calving relative to older cows, whereas older parity cows did not significantly differ from each other in risk of dystocia.
Farming does have its compensations, of course, but it can lose its appeal when you have been up half the night with a difficult calving and are told that somebody has arrived unannounced on the yard demanding to see you and requiring you to produce full sets of all your records on everything.
Calving ease was described in four categories: 1--unassisted calving, 2--calving with little intervention (assisted by one person), 3--calving with considerable intervention (assisted by several persons), 4--very difficult calving (hard pull) requiring veterinary intervention.
He added that as the week in February went on, Borrowdale had had to deal with a difficult calving cow, as well as problems with his wife's pregnancy that required a trip to hospital.
He added: "As a sire on dairy cattle and in crossbred suckler herd, the incidence of difficult calving is lower than experienced by other continental beef breeds, this is due primarily to the breed's short gestation period.