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Synonyms for differently




Synonyms for differently

in another and different manner

References in classic literature ?
Well, sir," returned the clerk, "there's a rather singular resemblance; the two hands are in many points identical: only differently sloped.
Bingley, I always keep servants that can do their own work; MY daughters are brought up very differently.
WHILE such happy prospects were opening on the future life of her friend, the time of Charlotte Henley was very differently occupied in the country.
You would talk differently to a coal-heaver and to a professor.
My dear aunt, you cannot wish me to do differently from what I have done, I am sure.
His sanguine temper, and fearlessness of mind, operated very differently on her.
They treat me as they treat every one else; whereas, in order to be treated differently, I was resigned in advance to be treated worse.
You do your hair differently," he said, his heart beating as if he had uttered something irrevocable.
Again, these several modes may be differently formed together, as some magistrates may be chosen by part of the community, others by the whole; some out of part, others out of the whole; some by vote, others by lot: and each of these different modes admit of a four-fold subdivision; for either all may elect all by vote or by lot; and when all elect, they may either proceed without any distinction, or they may elect by a certain division of tribes, wards, or companies, till they have gone through the whole community: and some magistrates may be elected one way, and others another.
I dare say that's logical," I smiled, "but most men are made differently, and they can't.
He could not help seeing that art affected him differently from others.
Yes, I was brought up quite differently," remarked the handsome elder daughter, Countess Vera, with a smile.
She did not see distinctly where she was going, the trees and the landscape appearing only as masses of green and blue, with an occasional space of differently coloured sky.
There was an extra bed in it tonight, very near my own, but differently shaped, and scarcely less conspicuous was the new mantel-shelf ornament: a tumbler of milk, with a biscuit on top of it, and a chocolate riding on the biscuit.
You think because you are a great prince and a prince of a friendly nation that the law will treat you differently.