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a person who (or that which) differentiates

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HMD Global has already promised to deliver on the legendary Nokia design and build quality, but AI could become the big differentiator on user experience perspective.
It's more likely if you have a strong differentiator.
The greater buyer sophistication is making design an even more important differentiator.
Focus requires that the niche differentiator pursue a narrow segment defined by customer, product, technology, or locale.
The relative use of these three types of links may depend on whether task uncertainty is low or high and on whether a manager is a low or high differentiator.
How we respond to that change will be the differentiator between success and mediocrity.
The report, "Orange's IPTV Challenge: Create a Non-Content Differentiator," suggests that Orange will need to fundamentally alter its marketing strategy to stay competitive.
United Online was one of the first ISPs who understood how our technology could be a real enabler and differentiator of dial-up services.
Our regional office network, which has been a strong differentiator for us, enabled us to uncover companies with strong management teams and positive cash flow.
The Wakesoft Architecture Platform provides a structure that enables project teams to deliver SOA-ready systems in phases, delivering positive ROI at every step--a key differentiator in this market.
Lombardi for Office has become a tremendous differentiator for the company in competitive situations, with fully 56% of customers electing to leverage the technology alongside their TeamWorks implementations.
However, the real differentiator is the capacitive touchscreen, and associated user interface, which sets it apart from other phones and makes it an extremely intuitive device.
The capability to record high-quality video in the DivX media format has become an important product differentiator for digital still camera OEMs to offer consumers.
Lenovo's customer complaint management was identified as a strong differentiator for its proactive approach to remediate customers' technology-related concerns.