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Antonyms for differentiated

made different (especially in the course of development) or shown to be different

exhibiting biological specialization

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While in Kenya and Senegal work has already begun and some project milestones have been achieved (for example, Kenya launched the country specific differentiated care toolkit), Ghana and Malawi will be new additions to this project The consultants work will therefore vary
Although many educators at all levels have implemented differentiated instruction practices in one way or another for countless years, Ward (1986) first coined the term "differential education" to describe instruction for gifted and talented students (Bravmann, 2004).
The purpose of this study was to investigate how elementary classroom teachers implemented differentiated reading instruction in their classrooms.
Where the literature rightly details the role of planning in strong differentiated instruction, it almost wholly leaves out what can effectively happen during instruction.
Within the past 20 years or more, defining a differentiated curriculum was related to determining the absence and/or presence of curricular elements that were responsive to the real and perceived needs, interests, and abilities of gifted students in the core, rudimentary, basic, or regular curriculum.
RTI & differentiated reading in the K-8 classroom.
Based on their work with teachers who differentiated successfully, the model includes classroom management techniques, anchoring activities, differentiated instructional strategies, and differentiated assessment.
Collegiality is critical because it encourages the collaboration necessary to support the choices that have to be made in the development of differentiated instruction.
1) Among these epithelial tumors are poorly differentiated carcinoma (also called small-cell undifferentiated carcinoma), oat-cell carcinoma, and anaplastic small-cell carcinoma, (2) and more than 90% of patients with these aggressive carcinomas develop metastatic disease.
Complete your toolbox for differentiated teaching with this collection of differentiated units for grades 9-12.
In animal experiments, stem cells transplanted into the body before they're differentiated sometimes form a cancerous tumor made of a mishmash of different tissue types.
According to Forrester, Ascential Software has differentiated by delivering data integration capabilities plus products for related functions like data profiling, data quality, application integration, and mainframe data access.
The Specialist will work with the administration and teachers to ensure a smooth deployment of Larson Learning throughout the district and assist with the move to differentiated instruction of math.
To determine statistically significant differences among treatment groups compared to controls for the percentage of the total population that had sexually differentiated, we constructed contingency tables and used Fisher's exact test to make comparisons between individual treatments and controls.
Such differentiated cells derived from early embryos may have broad medical utility.
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