differential equation

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Rezapour: On a nonlinear fractional differential equation on partially ordered metric spaces, Adv.
The second order linear ordinary differential equation has the general form
Fuzzy differential equations have been suggested as a way of modeling uncertain and incompletely specified systems and were studied by many researchers [8, 9, 12].
In this paper, a scheme of partial averaging of fuzzy differential equations with maxima is considered that continues researches devoted to the fuzzy differential equations with delay [7,8].
9 pt, normal) Mathematical model of the engineering processes in various scientific branches is usually expressed by a differential equation or by a system of differential equations (Macurova, 2007).
The question that one may need to ask is; why do we need a non-standard finite difference method when there exist numerous standard schemes to solve ordinary differential equation differential equations?
The Floquet solutions of a periodic delay differential equation span the solution space if and only if the equation has no small solutions.
Choosing a key in the form of a differential operator gives the attacker counter-information, inducing the conclusion that it is an operator present in the very differential equation satisfied try [f.
The basic and classical course which usually contains the above topics A,B, F, G, H and partly G (just the basic method of reduction in order to be able to solve Bessel's differential equation in D) and E (operative methodology to solve differential systems).
This example illustrates how closely coupled the differential equation is with the initial conditions specified.
Chen: Oscillation criteria of fractional differential equations, Adv.
Walz, Numerical Solution of fractional order differential equation by extrapolation.
Abstract: We propose a new optimal collocation-type method used to compute an approximate analytical polynomial solution for a class of nonlinear differential equations with boundary or initial conditions, and we employ this method for the case of a numerical example with applications in economy.
The existence and uniqueness of a pseudo-almost periodic solution of a differential equation have been of great interest to many mathematicians in the past few decades [3], [6], [9], [15], [21].
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