differential equation

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One-dimensional DTM can be extended (Chen and Ho, 1999) into two-dimensional DTM for resolving the integral and differential equations.
Ding, "A generalized Gronwall inequality and its application to a fractional differential equation," Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol.
Our motivation comes partially from a recent paper of El-Nahhas [11] who studied the asymptotic stability of the delay differential equation
In this paper, we will implement the new homotopy perturbation method to obtain the approximate solution for the following time-fractional derivative nonlinear partial differential equation.
To simulate a dynamic system is the same thing to solve (integrate) the differential equation which describes it, in known initial conditions, which represents initial starting of the system.
Rezapour: Some existence results for a nonlinear fractional differential equation on partially ordered Banach spaces, Bound.
Consider the first-order ordinary differential equation
Through a complete classification of transformation groups, Lie could identify all possible ordinary differential equation order reductions.
The study of fuzzy differential equations (FDEs) forms a suitable setting for the mathematical modelling of real world problems in which uncertainty or vagueness pervades.
Walz, Numerical Solution of fractional order differential equation by extrapolation.
Key words: roughnes of the cut surface, differential equation, integral curves
It is known that, whereas a first order ordinary differential equation represents a 1-dimensional problem, a delay differential equation of the form (1.
Examples concerned with deleting coefficients in a linear differential equation.
Similar ideas come to life here because the solution for a differential equation always involves integration.
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