differential diagnosis

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a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e

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Further, we clearly mentioned a brief history and clinical findings, provisional and differential diagnosis so as to maximise the yield.
The DSM differential diagnosis content was developed to help clinicians improve diagnostic skills and to foster correct use of the new DSM-5 classification system," said Michael B.
AdenoPlus can rapidly aid in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis
In Practical Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Neuropathology, the discussion of various tips and helpful hints in the opening chapter is necessary in evaluation of small specimens and is practical with regard to specimen handling and obtaining the clinical and radiologic studies.
A source of scientific evidence in mass and toxic tort litigation is the medical technique called differential diagnosis.
Chapters 5 and 6 comprise Parts 1 and 2 of a discussion of the differential diagnosis of ALS.
These decision support systems perform something like automated textbooks and electronic consultants: Enter a patient's history, including symptoms, findings on physical examination, and diagnostic test results, and the programs will give you a differential diagnosis.
com/research/ac84b3/ultrasound_of_cong) has announced the addition of the "Ultrasound of Congenital Fetal Anomalies: Differential Diagnosis and Prognostic Indicators" book to their offering.
Each section in chapters addresses a specific differential diagnosis comparing two lesions and their clinicopathologic features and ancillary tests through tables, including comparisons of age, location, symptoms, signs, etiology, histology, special studies, treatment, and prognosis.
Gunn (radiology, University of Washington) and his contributors, in 101 cases, discuss the imaging appearance, clinical scenario, and differential diagnosis with key teaching points followed by images illustrating the pearl, pitfall, or differential diagnosis.
The aim of the study was to assess the utility of cancer antigen (CA) 19-9 and CA 125, in the differential diagnosis of pancreatic tumors.
Parathyromatosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis for a patient with recurrent hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia, a history of MEN, or previous neck surgery.
Though the handbook's coverage of topics is superficial, its format makes this a useful quick reference, for example, as a reminder for clinicians assembling differential diagnosis lists for a febrile viral syndrome.
Ideally, using a database model, users should be able to generate a differential diagnosis for a specific patient, create differential diagnoses for a specific finding, and view the database's list of findings for a specific disease.
A differential diagnosis can accompany the laboratory results across the network to a physician's personal computer.
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