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distinguishing characteristics (especially in different species of a genus)

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Aristotle does not organize his discussion of modes of reproduction along its differentiae but rather by means of the megista gene.
Code's suggestion leaves untouched one of Gotthelf's major theses: that identification of basic differentiae has an explanatory as well as a classificatory function.
Charles suggests that '[k]inds, sub-kinds, and differentiae are all selected (in part) on the basis of their role in explanation', 242.
It follows a method of division of animal differences based on multiple differentiae and is aimed at discovering the most general correlations among them.
3) This fact is important, because most scholars have supposed that those techniques, most importantly, the 'greatest group' system of multiple differentiae theorized in the first book of the Parts of Animals, are specific to the biology.
According to this principle, the definitional structure of predicates is the central element for the organization of lexicological structures: words with the same central meaning, the genus, will belong to the same (sub)class, and the functional differences within members of the same (sub)class are expressed in terms of some differentiating features, the differentiae, which constitute the second half of definitions.
A history of feminization in colonial discourse, for Nandy, often results in a performance of 'hypermasculinity' by the colonized males: '[A] second-order legitimacy [is given] to what in the dominant culture of the colony had already become the final differentiae of manliness: aggression, achievement, control, competition and power'.
Aside from occasional comments about the word order of the names, (122) few time-bound differentiae have been noted.
All differentiae are generated from within and by the self-sameness of the cosmic Self.
It is based upon exactly the same list of Dryden/Tate differentiae as that just used and twenty-five of the entries (twelve D's and thirteen T's) are the same.
It is true that not all of the statements of mechanics have been tested with animate objects, but there is presumptive evidence that those statements, in so far as they hold at all, hold for all material bodies, regardless of those differentiae between stones and cats which the zoologist counts as important.
Engineering challenges such as NVH, crash, safety, durability and vehicle dynamics have become key product differentiae in the market place," explained Tecco.
If then the genus absolutely does not exist apart from the species which it as genus includes, or if it exists but exists as matter (for the voice is genus and matter, but its differentiae make the species, i.
Providing a biological example, Albert explains that, according to the Platonists, the genus animal can be dichotomously divided into blooded and bloodless, but the resulting form blooded animal can itself be divided by further differentiae.
1043a18-21--'But those who combine both, speak of the third substance from these, the one composed of matter and form (for it seems that the formula by means of the differentiae is that of the form [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.