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capable of being perceived as different

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In 1973, Dales and Davie [10] introduced and studied some algebras of differentiable functions on a given perfect compact subset X [subset] C.
With the help of the truncated Painleve expansion (11), two exact solutions (16) and (18) with arbitrary differentiable functions of the Fokas equation (1) are obtained.
Suppose that f : [a,b] [right arrow] R be a twice differentiable function on (a,b) and suppose that [gamma] [less than or equal to] f" (t) [less than or equal to] [gamma] for all t [member of] (a, b).
Let f: (a, b) [right arrow] F(R) be strongly generalized differentiable on each point r [member of] (a, b) in sense of definition 2.
This does not necessarily mean that the same lawyer cannot help clients repeatedly with varying matters, but it does mean that the lawyers' expertise must be differentiable.
Let X be a separable and reflexive real Banach space, [PHI]: X [right arrow] R a nonnegative continuously Gateaux differentiable and sequentially weakly lower semicontinuous functional whose Gateaux derivative admits a continuous inverse on [X.
Safas Corporation has been granted a patent for a fluid coating composition comprised of a crosslinkable liquid resin matrix, wherein the resin is an unsaturated polyester resin containing therein uniformly distributed a crosslinked particulate resin granule containing an inorganic filler and visually differentiable from the matrix resin alumina trihydrate from 0.
These functions were proposed as generalizations of the class of differentiable convex functions.
In this paper, several new inequalities for differentiable and twice differentiable h- convex mapping are established, that are connected with the celebrated Hermite-Hadamard inequalities.
An almost para-hermitian structure on a differentiable manifold M is a pair (P, g), where P is an almost product structure on M and g is a semi-Riemannian metric on M satisfying
bar] R [right arrow] R be a differentiable mapping in [Angstrom], the interior of [Angstrom], and let a, b [member of] [Angstrom] with a < b.
Differentiable measures and the Malliavin calculus.
G is Hukuhara differentiable (H-differentiable) at [t.