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capable of being perceived as different

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Generalizations of the differentiability of fuzzy number value functions with applications to fuzzy differential equations, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 151: 581- 599.
The method can be used for all Holder continuous functions 7 without any differentiability requirement.
Since SAN is already a brittle material with a ductility of 3%, it makes sense that increasing the scratch speed would lead to a lower degree of differentiability.
Thibault: Local differentiability of distance functions, Trans.
Allais emphasized that this definition of maximum efficiency is made independent of the assumptions of continuity, differentiability, or convexity, except only for a common (nummaire) good.
In the following we recall some main concepts and properties of differentiability and integrability for fuzzy functions [18;34;35].
This mathematical representation carries desirable properties such as differentiability and the ease of including additional tracking criteria by adding new terms.
and certain differentiability assumptions so that we can work with the first and second variations of the functional F, see the details in [35].
Under the assumption of differentiability with regard to c and p, maximization of ?
Specific topics explored include zeros of functions in weighted and Bergman spaces, Blaschke-type conditions for analytic and subharmonic functions, interpolation sequences for the Bernstein algebra, differentiability of functions of contractions, and free interpolation in the Nevanlinna class.
1] satisfying the required conditions of differentiability and such that [absolute value of h] [less than or equal to] l is allowable.
Differentiability for a function of one real variable and differentiation rules.
The final achievements of this step are alternative clusters, which are inwardly homogeneous and outwardly characterized by a high differentiability.
Strongly generalized differentiability of fuzzy number valued functions is introduced in [18].