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capable of being perceived as different

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This function is a continuous nowhere differentiable function, but convolving it with a function of the same kind gives differentiability at every point.
These conditions imply complex differentiability which are quite stringent and impose a strong structure on u([z.
Tanabe: On differentiability and analyticity of eighted elliptic boundary value problems, Osaka Math.
This method has a good robust to solve problems that have nonlinear characteristics and non differentiability, multiple optima, large dimensions through adaptation derived from the theory of social psychology.
In differential geometry (CADDEO; MONTALDO, 2001), (DIMITRIC, 1992), (LOUBEAU; ONICIUC, 2007), (O'NEILL, 1983) that under the assumption of sufficient differentiability, a developable surface is either a plane, conical surface, cylindrical surface or tangent surface of a curve or a composition of these types.
Also, we consider the concept of general differentiability for fuzzy functions and we plot the h-curve to illustrate the region of convergence in different levels.
We assume that the functions [gamma] and [mu] are only Holder continuous without any further differentiability requirement.
The book then returns to foundations with chapters on contiguity and L2 differentiability.
First order linear fuzzy differential equations under generalized differentiability.
The organization must examine the differentiability based on greenness.
The differentiability condition can be directly eliminated by using the fact that it is possible to approximate uniformly a continuous convex function by convex polynomials.
The sigmoid function is the most commonly used transfer function because of its differentiability.
Disruption, disintegration and the dissipation of differentiability.
We provide a growth condition on L to guarantee that u is locally bounded and, by building suitable variations, we prove the validity of the Euler-Lagrange equation without imposing differentiability on L.
A implicit function theorem without differentiability, Proc.