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distinguishing characteristics (especially in different species of a genus)

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In its order that it issued on September 29, 2014, the court said the counsel for the plaintiff, Dr Farogh Nasim, submits that originally the recovery of Gas Infrastructure Development Cess Act was challenged by virtue of filing a writ petition before the Peshawar High Court and consequently in terms of the judgment reported in 2013 PTD 1713 such recovery was held to be ultra vires, unreasonable being not based on reasonable differentia or fulfill corresponding responsibility and liability in a specified manner by the respondents.
Capital as productive as an art exhibition everyone has to see in the turnover, in the working, differentia specifica, transformed and transforming, your paradox, your 'formulation of the problem.
Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) ligands and receptors in bovine ovarian follicle cells: actions of BMP-4, -6 and - 7 on granulosa cells and differentia modulation of Smad-1 phosphorylation by follistatin.
Within that chapter Aristotle argues that if a definition is a principle of both the unity and the substantiality of a living substance, such a principle is to be found in the differentia expressed in a definition, taking the form genus + differentia.
In other words, on any next day, whichever day it is, another 74 differentia specific a are gone.
Densitometric in vivo method based on bone hand X-rays film in differentia diagnostics of short and metabolic disorders: diseases of developmental age.
are referred to only to illustrate a certain differentia or correlation between differentiae.
The differentia specifica of human existence is owned by homo faber; he is the creator of human world which is the home and dwelling place for the plurality of human beings.
Here lies the greatest strength of this text, since practitioners will use a symptom-led approach to differentia diagnosis when dealing with real patients, as opposed to identifying the features of a disease with which a patient presents.
Developing a diverse set of skills and experiences, combined with a strong base of personal and professional integrity, is the key differentia ator for CGMAs, bringing long-term success to their organisation, as well as to their own careers.
Moreover, I make use of a differentia specifica of his theory: within it, magnitudes of value express hours of labour.
Y cualquier definicion de otro tipo, por ejemplo, la que consta ex genere & differentia, considerada como la mas relevante por la mayoria de los filosofos (ibidem, 71) queda subsumida en una definicion per generationem (23).
8) <<Respondo primo, negando sequelam: nam rationale, prout est differentia hominis, denotat eum non utcumque, sed per se esse discursivum; at Angelos non est nisi per accidens discursivos, quod sufficit, ut non dicatur eadem Angeli & hominis differentia.
Karl Marx provided a differentia specifica for capitalism: People sell their labouring-power to a buyer, not to satisfy the personal needs of the buyer, but to augment the buyer's Capital.
The point is that differentia is a crucial resource for ideologues, demagogues, and other symbol mongers.