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distinguishing characteristics (especially in different species of a genus)

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Thus, the kinds that are differentiated correspond to morphological similarities and differences, even though the differentia and the descriptive appellation are explicitly tied to the different modes of reproduction.
Developing a diverse set of skills and experiences, combined with a strong base of personal and professional integrity, is the key differentia ator for CGMAs, bringing long-term success to their organisation, as well as to their own careers.
Reality is said not to act upon itself, for it is simply beyond categorical stillness and motion, and so it "acts" only upon the first reflexive mirror, the Universe, thereby capable of infusing new universally isomorphic differentia ("solitons"), i.
Additionally, it is very important not only to recognize your differentiation but also to test the sources of competitive innovation and its potential affect on your key differentia table position.
Karl Marx provided a differentia specifica for capitalism: People sell their labouring-power to a buyer, not to satisfy the personal needs of the buyer, but to augment the buyer's Capital.
The point is that differentia is a crucial resource for ideologues, demagogues, and other symbol mongers.
Two other points added under #7 are differential advising for men and women "in the light of the steeper erosion of talents after graduation among the latter" and "embodying in the program the required differentia between the creative and the formally cognitive approach" (5.
To put it in Aristotelian taxonomy: the genus is andrafta and the differentia specifica is association with one king rather than the other--or, more correctly, with one king's name rather than the other's.
In order to do this, first we defined the largest category of judicial liability and then tried to reveal the differentia specifica of the above mentioned tort liability.
Reductions are tempting, but they also risk blurring differentia specifica.
Jaynes did not give a formal definition of probability, but the above analysis suggests the following (using standard genus and differentia format):
The thing which is discussed (most of the time, in extreme confusion) under such headings as "origin of power," "government by consent of the governed," and "sovereignty of the people versus divine right," pertains directly to the differentia of democratic government.
Things began to change in the mid-1980s, and Peter Carravetta must be given praise for starting the publication of Differentia.
The judgment authored by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani said that most of these exclusions were backed by law, rule or an intelligible differentia, thus the classification was reasonable and applied equally to convicts and prisoners and this differentia was not hit by equality clause of the constitution.