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A regional analysis uncovered a few more differences specific to a camp's location.
Relative risks of mortality were expressed per mean difference in fine particle concentrations, comparing the cleanest with the dirtiest cities in each cohort (24.
1) According to Robert Adams, the IRS's Senior Industry Advisor for the Large and Midsized Business Division, "it is estimated that the M-3 should reveal between 75 to 90 percent of the book-tax difference for most companies.
Answer: Although there may be a slight difference in the smoothness of the filter paper, using one side or the other should not affect the results that are generated.
was the most visible gender difference between eighteenth-century Europeans and Indians" but does not explore the implications of this difference (p.
The difference reached statistical significance (p = 0.
Taking this difference into account cuts the black-white test-score gap to less than a fourth of a standard deviation in math and completely eliminates the gap in reading.
Also, the children's performance on timed and untimed tasks tended to make some difference on the accuracy of their performance and hence on the group differences.
Does it make a difference if the subsidiary with the Form 10-K is the largest company in the consolidated return in terms of operations, revenues, income, or assets?
Reframing Difference in Organizational Communication Studies: Research, Pedagogy, Practice offers a clear perspective of the relationship between difference and organization, with an emphasis on how it can be (a) examined as a communicative phenomenon, (b) taught pragmatically, and (c) used as central construct in applied organizational communication research.
05), the null hypothesis is rejected, which supports the complementary hypothesis that there is a true difference between the groups.
Difference qualifies as one of the most important fundamental undefined terms in the non-aristotelian worldview that Alfred Korzybski delineated.
Neuroscientists who do the research know that one study with 20-odd participants that finds some small region of difference between males and females is not the final word on the issue, but these often subtle, questionable differences are readily seized on by popular writers, Fine said.