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the act of restricting your food intake (or your intake of particular foods)


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In fact, "yo-yo" dieting like Meredith practiced for years--in which you lose weight on a diet then gain it back in a process known as "weight cycling"--is associated in some studies with a greater risk for obesity and a reduction of "good" HDL cholesterol.
Toeing a hard line, PCRM insists no one should consider increasing their intake of such high-fat and cholesterol foods as eggs, cheese and butter, regardless of dieting theories.
This is best achieved primarily--whatever the current fad in dieting may say--by lowering the amount of fat one takes in, both for the overall health benefits of fat-intake reduction and to reduce caloric intake (for fat is much more calorie-dense than is protein or carbohydrate).
For those who are disabled and cannot exercise as much, dieting and nutrition becomes increasingly important," Ms.
Stacey's argument is that Americans' increasing fascination with nutrition and weight loss has so skewed their relation to food and meals that dieting is becoming the "normal" way of eating for most Americans.
Callaway remembers one young athlete who lost so much calcium from his bones while dieting that he broke his hip and pelvis.
Had weight come down more [among dieting women], we might have seen some effects on cardiovascular disease," says Anderson.
Referring to one of many studies that find no impact of calcium on weight in people who aren't overweight and aren't dieting, Zemel says, "there you were studying healthy, young women without calorie restriction.
Dieting and weight have been national preoccupations since the turn of the century.
For the past three years, excited dieters across the country have been enjoying a breakthrough diet that removes those extra pounds without the usual dieting dread.
Consumers need food companies to offer tasteful, convenient foods that help make dieting more of a lifestyle and less of a punishment.
Department of Agriculture held a "Great Nutrition Debate" (it should have been called a "Great Dieting Debate," given that most of the speakers were diet-book authors, not nutrition experts).
After two decades of yo-yo dieting - which she blames for her obesity - Marshello made peace with her body.
The book features fitness tips and exercises from Oprah's trainer Bob Greene, and Body for Life's dieting and nutrition guru Bill Phillips.
Cathy, the diet-obsessed comic-strip character, expressed the counterrevolutionary spirit perfectly one Sunday: ``More people are dieting and fewer people are losing weight for one reason and one reason alone: stability,'' she tells her friend as they enjoy a chocolate mousse.