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of or relating to the diet

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No-one would have reacted with a sharp intake of breath and accused her of unforgivably insulting the optically disabled, the dietetically challenged, the children of unmarried parents, those who seek their own sexual relief, or the profession that offers to provide it.
But by now I was forty-five years old, and some of the rigours of this work were beginning to become less attractive--wet clothes and boots that were never quite dry, if at all, by the next morning; 16 hour working days, and hard knocks physically, dietetically and personally.
It's the newest idea, and dietetically sound, to serve fruit and vegetables together," she said.
All of the chains offer more dietetically sensible items other than double cheeseburgers and super-sized fries, and we've never seen anyone being forced at gunpoint to the counter of a McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's or KFC.
Those of you unconcerned -- geographically, dietetically or morally -- with this development may indeed be asking where all of this is going.