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Synonyms for dietary

a regulated daily food allowance

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of or relating to the diet

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Our website features an extensive recipe section catering for any meal occasion and for those consumers which a specific dietary requirement - visit http://www.
Users are able to view detailed nutrition information for each entree and search for selections that meet specific dietary requirements.
Moreover, their taste is never compromised by the addition of butter, milk and cream, meaning that Soupologie soups can be enjoyed by everybody, including those with dairy, egg and gluten allergies as well as various other dietary requirements.
To prevent degenerative diseases associated with captivity in birds of prey, species-specific lifestyle and dietary requirements and susceptibility to these diseases should be considered.
He spent two hours talking to students, posing for photographs and signing autographs, as well as answering questions from how he found out he was in the World Cup squad to the type of training he does and his dietary requirements.
It is anticipated that the service will be available to all areas of North Lincolnshire both urban and rural, provide a food supply, preparation and delivery service either by sole provider or in partnership, accommodate for specific dietary requirements when requested for example, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free Meals, Diabetic and Moderate Salt Meals, and provide well-being checks for each customer at the point of delivery with feedback to a North Lincolnshire Council~s contact point where any concerns are identified.
and EU airports, including duty free items in sealed bags, medicine, baby food and other nonsolid items for specific dietary requirements.
AFORAGE manufacturer in North Northumberland has just launched two new products to its range to help horses with special dietary requirements.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, from their expansive list of dietary requirements to requests for umpires and scorers to be present at training sessions, the tourists have not left anything to chance.
She suggests a balance of different foods and food groups for a healthy diet, explaining the dietary requirements of infants, meeting those requirements, and food groups and portion sizes.
I explained my dietary requirements (and the fact that it was a special occasion) and was told they were not allowed to send the menu out but they could "give me an idea" what options were available for me (without giving too much away, obviously).
THE proposed National Food Security ( NFS) Bill intends to meet the dietary requirements of about 67 per cent of the country's population, promising to provide 25kg rice/ wheat per family every month.
All our dishes are produced with close involvement from our in-house dietitians to ensure they meet specific dietary requirements while maintaining the highest nutritional standards.
The rules currently allow for the production of halal and kosher meat, by allowing for the slitting of animals' throats without stunning to allow Muslims and Jews to meet the dietary requirements, as long as it does not cause "unnecessary suffering".