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a positively charged ion

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Dietary Ca concentration to minimize the risk of hypocalcaemia in dairy cows is affected by the dietary cation-anion difference.
Table 1: Dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) computation and prediction equations N[degrees] Abbreviations Equations 1 DCAD (Na/0,023 + K/0,039)- (Cl/0,035 + S/0,016) * 2 EB (Na /0,023 + K /0,039)- (Cl /0,035 ) * 3 [DCAD.
Effects of dietary cation-anion difference on intake, milk yield, and blood components of the early lactation cow.
ABSTRACT : Eighty-four Holstein cows were used to evaluate effects of feeding two diets that differed in dietary cation-anion difference (cationic; +28 or anionic; -138 mEq/kg DM) on prepartum and postpartum dry matter intake (DMI), body weight (BW), body condition score (BCS), serum Ca concentrations and on subsequent milk production and composition.
ABSTRACT : Influence of -110, +110, +220 and +330 mEq/kg of dry matter (DM) dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) on growth performance of Thalli lambs were examined in a randomized complete block design.