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Microbial protein accounted for more than 50% of the amino acids absorbed in the small intestine (AFRC, 1992) and its synthesis directly indicated the synchronization of supply of dietary carbohydrates and protein (Tamminga, 1996).
Dietary carbohydrate level was a poor model of test with spines growth in terms of diameter increase, wet weight gain, and dry matter production.
Although dietary fat influence on insulin resistance and T2DM is focus of investigators, the amount, type and rate of digestion of dietary carbohydrate may be the primary determinants of postprandial glucose levels and insulin response.
The science to support the use of such diets is strengthening along with the concomitant metabolic benefits in reducing dietary carbohydrate.
However, little research has been done on the health implications of high dietary carbohydrate on Wuchang bream.
Lane et al Influence of dietary carbohydrate intake on free testosterone: cortisol ratio responses to short term intensive exercise.
In other words, in patients with sufficient numbers and size of adipocytes for dietary carbohydrate effects to be manifested, there is a role for adipocytes in the mechanism of D-tagatose in the control of blood glucose and plasma triglyceride levels.
The utilization of dietary carbohydrates in aquatic animals seems to be related to their digestive and metabolic systems adapted to different aquatic environments and to dietary carbohydrate level and complexity (Walton & Cowey 1982).
Xylitol is considered a sugar alcohol and has zero net effective carbohydrates, which means xylitol is not digested and processed by the body as a dietary carbohydrate, and therefore has a minimal impact on blood sugar levels.
Effect of dietary carbohydrate levels on growth, body composition and glycaemia in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, reared in seawater.
ABSTRACT The culture of Litopenaeus vannamei in low-salinity waters is now popular in many regions of the world, A 6 x 3 factorial experiment was conducted to determine the effects of salinities (tap water, 1 [per thousand], 2 [per thousand], 4 [per thousand], 8 [per thousand], and 16 [per thousand]) and dietary carbohydrate levels (15.
Use of dietary carbohydrate by fish relatively varies and depends upon many factors including complexity of carbohydrate, fish species and environmental condition (Cowey, 1988; NRC, 1993; Gaylord and Gatlin III, 1996; McGoogan and Reigh, 1996; Grisdale-Helland and Helland, 1997; Shiau, 1997; Hutchins et al.
Pathogenesis and Etiology of Essential Hypertension: Role of Dietary Carbohydrate," Medical Hypotheses, 2005, 64(4):782-787.
Hyperinsulinemia and Syndrome X, which result from chronic high levels of dietary carbohydrate, are implicated in cancer of the breast and colon.
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