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Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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Patients who were following diet therapy and yoga therapy, patients who are drugs which can affect blood sugar level and patients suffering from cardiorespiratory diseases and hypertension were excluded from study.
However, diet therapy can be continued for a long time in children showing a normal growth-development in whom anticonvulsant drugs can be discontinued (10).
Keywords: Hypocholesterolemic, Persimmon Peel Powder, Rabbits, Diet Therapy
Physical activity and diet therapy to reduce or maintain weight and assist in cholesterol and blood pressure control are very helpful.
By virtue of being the only nationally licensed healthcare profession with training in spinal manipulation/adjusting, diet therapy, nutritional supplementation, and wellness coaching, only the chiropractic profession is poised to deliver a packaged solution to the public health catastrophe known as chronic hypertension.
After earning her masters of education in 1968 from Boston State College she finished her career at Mount Auburn Hospital School of Nursing as a nutrition and diet therapy instructor.
Medical therapy with oral agents should be reserved for patients whose fasting plasma glucose levels remain above 95 mg/dL (or whose postprandial levels remain above 120 mg/dL) despite diet therapy and for those who are not appropriate candidates for diet therapy alone.
Diet therapy burden was measured using the Burden of Diet therapy subscale (BD) of the Diet-Related Quality of Life (DQOL) survey, a 6-item scale whose development and validation have been described elsewhere (Sato, Suzukamo, Miyashita, & Kazuma, 2004; Suzukamo, Fukuhara, Ohishi, & Shiigai, 2000; Suzukamo, Ono, & Fukuhara, 2000).
The primary focus of diet therapy for the prevention and treatment of hypercholesterolaemia is to progressively lower saturated fatty acid and cholesterol intake at an energy level that supports optimal weight management.
Despite having received lipid-lowering medication and diet therapy for at least six months, the patients' total cholesterol (TC) or triglyceride (TG) levels were still abnormal.
Large-scale clinical studies conducted in Japan have demonstrated that LIVACT Granules significantly reduced the risk of complications in patients with decompensated hepatic cirrhosis compared to diet therapy group and is also expected to inhibit the progression from hepatic cirrhosis to liver carcinogenesis.
Max Gerson's 1958 book A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases & The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy is a must read.
1% had radiation therapy) were relaxation and meditation, diet therapy, megavitamins, positive imagery and faith/spiritual healing (Begbie 1996).
Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Evidence-based Applications.
NCTR also held a workshop on: "Expert meeting on Diet therapy practices in Sudan" in collaboration with FMOH, School of Medicine and Ombadah Hospital on 1st Aug.