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(of animals having several estrous cycles in one breeding season) a state or interval of sexual inactivity or quiescence between periods of activity

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The day of diestrus is marked by the absence of fluctuations in NE, LHRH, and LH.
Vaginal smear data showed that Aroclor 1221 rats had fewer estrus and proestrus days than diestrus days relative to vehicle animals, suggesting some qualitative difference in estrous cyclicity.
However, for each subject we calculated a cyclicity estimate based on the assumption that if a subject was following a 4-day cycle over the course of the entire procedure, then approximately 50, 25, and 25% of the lavage samples should represent days of diestrus, proestrus, and estrus, respectively.
Expression of 3 Phydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in ovarian and uterine tissue during diestrus and open cervix cystic endometrial hyperplasiapyometra in the bitch.
Sampling was conducted at early lactation on day-60 postpartum, day-82 and day-105 during the diestrus phase of the estrus cycle.
The dose of E2 used led to production of physiological Diestrus I levels of circulating E2 (10-15 pg/mL).
The team wanted to know why females are indifferent to males during the infertile period known as diestrus.
Various studies demonstrated the cure of pyometra with only a single use of 10 mg/kg of antiprogestin aglepristone subcutaneously on days 1, 2 and 8 of the diestrus, combined with cloprostenol, which induces the opening of the cervix and the resulting drainage of the uterus (13-15).
Because, prostaglandin is only effective in diestrus cows, a double prostaglandin protocol applied 11 to 14 days apart seems to be capable of bringing most cows to estrus administration of double dose of [PGF.
High doses of Anethum graveolens seed aqueous and ethanol extracts caused significant increase in duration of the estrous cycle, diestrus phase and progesterone concentration (8, 9).
At a lower dose (50 mg/kg BW), the extract produced an anti-oestrogenic effect, inhibiting implantation with cessation of the oestrous cycle and continuous diestrus, suggesting secretion of oestrogen from the ovary was not occurring.
Diestrus was identified by predominance of small cells (leukocytes) as well as larger, round, nucleated epithelial cells and cornified epithelial cells; diestrus II by leukocytes and round, nucleated epithelial cells with few cornified epithelial cells; proestrus by round, nucleated epithelial cells; and estrus by cornified epithelial cells.
Rats were divided into three groups: male rats (male group, n = 8), rats in the estrus phase (estrus group, n = 8) and animals in the diestrus phase on day 1 (diestrus group, n = 8).
An in vivo study on spontaneous myometrial contractility in the cow during estrus and diestrus.