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someone who makes dies

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Reliability also comes from the Fine Pulse power supply used in the Mitsubishi diesinking machines.
According to product manager William Boehmert, the EDM milling process is based on a principle very different from conventional diesinking.
Material removal rates are comparable to those found with diesinking machines.
Conventional moldmaking manufacturing requires the use of a variety of machines, such as milling machines, wire cutting machines, and diesinking machines.
Where the part is simple, diesinking may still be the best way to EDM the part.
Just as the move to multiple-axis machining and CNC programming made major strides in standard machining practices and tolerances, the addition of orbital techniques to large-tool EDM diesinking promises to increase the versatility and productivity of these machines.
Surface quality is especially important when diesinking EDM is used to make injection molds, pressure casting dies, and other components whose cut surfaces must range from smooth-matte to highly-polished.
The finished cavity in traditional diesinking is slightly tapered with the deeper portions having a rougher surface finish than the part nearer the surface.
A wirecut EDM unit produced the electrolytic copper electrodes for the diesinking operation.
Another application for CNC diesinking EDM is multiple-workpiece production.
Recent developments in controls and software have shattered many of the old concepts of diesinking EDM.
And, large vertical diesinking machines are being linked to CAD/CAM systems.