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German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)

an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil

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Compared to other diesels," he says, "the V12 is light--very light--and I am sure this weight will fall as we go forward.
Power-LMC, offers a simple answer as to diesel power's popularity: ``It's proven technology, and it's known for its high torque and high durability.
VW engineers have focused on diesels because they are so popular in Europe, and their expertise shows.
It requires no special equipment and will fuel any diesel engine, from a massive earthmover to a sailboat to the diesel pickup that tows the sailboat, or a zippy new 50+ mpg Volkswagen.
Johnson formally kicked off the nationwide switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD), which takes effect Oct.
Currently, Bosch is working on the fourth generation of common-rail systems which will use a hydraulically amplified diesel injector.
We think the term clean diesel is an oxymoron,'' said Linda Waade, executive director of the Coalition for Clean Air.
The steamer runs competitively with the diesels as long as the price of diesel oil is above 50 cents a gallon, he says.
Quite a few automakers were caught short by this sudden surge of interest in diesel engines, which led to massive investment programs by most of them just to play catch-up.
The MaxxForce brand makes clear our promise that our customers get the best performing diesel with the best performing organization behind it.
Pinson, evidently taking a swipe at Toyota and its decision to advance high-cost hybrid systems, said, "If you look at what is our next most viable alterative to achieve significant gains in fuel consumption, we come up against hybridization and the diesel engine and both of them have their own intrinsic cost structures which have made them, up to this point, difficult to sell.
One is the consumer sentiment, which is still governed by diesels of the '80s, which were not a success, and what is seen today on heavy- and medium-duty diesels, which are not what we have in European cars.
This gives Clean Diesel a complete suite of technologies ranging from 25 percent reduction to up to 99 percent of diesel particulates.