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a locomotive driven by the electric current generated by a diesel engine

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Founded in 1922, EMD, a subsidiary of Progress Rail Services, a Caterpillar Company, is one of two US original equipment manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives.
The reason for this is that our submariners have earned themselves a first-class reputation as skilled operators of diesel-electric submarines.
Since shallow coastal regions are complex and noisy, the detection of such diesel-electric submarines is not possible using traditional acoustic methods.
7 and ISL9 diesel-electric hybrid engines feature proven technology designed and developed in-house that is optimized to deliver the efficiency, durability and performance transit bus customers expect.
The diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain, which is also planned to be fitted to Volkswagen's entry level Up city car to create a more affordable fuel miser, is mounted at the rear of the XL1's cabin.
Zvezdochka, which specialises in repair and refit of nuclear-powered boats, has already refitted four of India's diesel-electric fleet, Sindhuvir (S58), Sinduratna (S59), Sindhugosh (S55) and Sindhudvhaj (S56).
Travel Business Review-August 17, 2012--Wartsila to power four modern diesel-electric tugs for Australian owner(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
PEUGEOT'S 3008 Hybrid4 is the world's first diesel-electric hybrid.
The Range-e, which was on Land Rover's stand at the Geneva show, uses a plug-in diesel-electric powertrain that the company intends to fit to production vehicles from 2013.
A diesel-electric hybrid could be as efficient as a fuel cell vehicle of the future, he declares.
Some forward-thinking transit agencies are fighting back with hybrid diesel-electric buses.
New ultra-low emission, diesel-electric hybrid cars could soon be on the way from Peugeot and Citroen, offering astonishing fuel consumption and pumping out even lower levels of toxic fumes than current petrol-electric hybrids.
With more than 40% of the European new car market-66% in Austria and France-buying diesel cars, luxury automakers offering high-performance V8 versions, and diesel-electric hybrids on the drawing boards for mass production, the market for this technology is secure.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is on a buying spree for buses powered by compressed natural gas, but some local leaders said Tuesday that the MTA could consider the feasibility of diesel-electric hybrid buses that may be more reliable and cheaper to operate.
Aerodynamic trucks, natural gas vehicles, diesel-electric hybrids and low emission diesel engines are powering Kenworth's industry leadership in providing environmentally friendly products with excellent performance that can help truck operators enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.